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Where to Start Music?

6 July 2019

Becoming a great musician takes time, determination and self discipline. You may have all these qualities but still looking for an answer to the good old question: “Where to start music?”

No worries. musiconline is in the house - once again with some great tips!

Thanks to the internet, we can learn almost anything online as individuals. However, music is a bit different than other subjects. It’s delicate and it contains important nuances. Nuances such that with the help of an experienced guide can turn into strength points.

We don’t believe in rules and regulations in art. But music have some rules and we refer to them as music theory . The simplest way to express music theory ise this: a set of rules that are used to produce a meaningful musical product. These rules don’t change over time. They were here hundreds of years ago, they are being applied today and it’s highly likely that they will be around years later.

Yet, it may still be challenging to grasp the fundamentals of this key topic by Googling and watching music tutorials online. Working with an instructor is generally the safest and the fastest way to learn music theory.

Choosing the right musical instrument is another issue. You may have an overall idea about what to consider when buying a violin, or which strings to choose for a guitar - or any piece of information about the weirdest musical instruments on the planet! Yet you may not know which musical instrument your anatomy and skills are most suitable for.

Again, consulting to a professional regarding this issue is always the best.

Now, as this question to yourself:
“What do I want to do with music?”

Do you want to make money from music or do you see it as a hobby?

Do you want to become a DJ and excite the crowd or to make electronic music and touch hearts with beautiful lyrics?

Maybe, none! Maybe, you want to become a music teacher and spread the love around. If this is the case, we’d highly suggest you to take a look at music certification programs. Programs like ABRSM and LCM essentials for any professional considering to be a music instructor at some point - just like the Suzuki Method.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, knowledge is more accessible than it has ever been.

Although this applies to music as well, you may still need a touch of a nurturing hand, a solid support or a professional touch - at least initially.

Luckily, musiconline is here.

As long as you have a computer and a decent internet connection, you can learn music with online music lessons at musiconline .

Anywhere, any time - music is, literally, on your fingertips.

Knowledge increases as it is shared!