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What is Music Theory?

6 December 2018

In basic terms, music theory is the total sum of abstract information about music. It is associated with some precept musical theories. In general, it is a scientific area which involves subjects such as producing music, music history, education and psychology.


Music theory has an impressive historical background which has roots to Pisagor and it has been evolved significantly in the process. The aim of music theory is to assist music to be understood and transferred through general rules. In short, it is the common language of music.

The Importance of Music Theory

Throughout the years, the people who studied and wanted to study music had some questions in mind: Is music theory a prerequisite to play an instrument? Is music theory difficult to understand? Why is it important to know music theory?
Before answering those questions, it is important to determine your purpose in your music journey. If you aim to play simple pieces in amateur level and use music for your individual gratification, the music theory would not be necessary. However if you want to understand how masterpieces are made, the process of their creation and reason behind their uniqueness, the music theory will guide you to get a better grip on these subjects. In short, if you aim to be a part of the music world, you would want to learn music theory.

As in many other areas, understanding the culture requires more information on the subject.

Intro to Music Theory

Music Theory has a variety of subgroups, which can cause confuse a beginner about where to start. Solfege would be a good place to start since musical notation will have to be interpreted in the process of learning music theory.

For example, if you are playing guitar, using tablature can help you to play some of the songs you adore. However, if you want to level up and play more complex pieces, you can see that music theory has much to offer.

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