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Interesting Musical Instruments

8 December 2018

Many musical instruments are out there to be learned and played. Guitar, violin, piano, drums and more. What about taking a look at outside the mainstream? Believe it or not, there are thousands of different musical instruments and we have picked some of them and as mucionline , decided to present the most interesting ones.

Any musical instruments is generally shaped by its birthplace's culture, mouth shape or accent. It is fair to say that most them look like each other, and especially like mainstream instruments, however each has its own unique sound and way to play.


Yaybahar took almost 5 years to be fully completed and invented by Gorkem Sen. There are recordings of the instrument however, according to the inventor one must have an analog experience to hear its sound with full potential. Mr. Sen claims that recording devices are unable to grasp all frequencies produced by the instrument.




Invented by John Lambert, Eigenharp is a fruit of modern day technology. It is mainly controlled by breath but lead by keys. It is a mixture of guitar, saxophone and piano.







What's most interesting about Theremin is, it doesn't need to be touched to be played. Having two antennas attached, theremin understands the movement of hands and produces the sound accordingly. One hand is used for changing the velocity while the other is used for producing frequencies.





Array Mbira

Array Mbrira's signature spec is having 5 octaves of sound interval. It is invented and built by Bill Wesley in United States and praised by almost everyone who experiences. It is fair to say that it is a bigger version of Kalimba.





Hang is a hypnotic instrument, built in Switzerland in the early 2000's. Having small bumps in its surface, it is a percussive instrument. As an instrument is placed under the category of idiophones.




American Photoplayer

Made in US in 1912, photoplayer is actually a different form of piano. The main difference between a piano and a photoplayer is naming and the reason behind is the following: Photoplayer was built to produce sound effects for silent films in its era.



Pikasso Guitar

Pikasso Guitar is built by Manzer, inspired by Picasso's cubism. It has a complex structure, similar to Picasso paintings, and not so easy to be grasped at the first glance. It has four handles, two holes and 42 strings.



Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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