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What is London College of Music (LCM)?

27 October 2018

London College of Music (LCM) is a music school located in England, as part of West London University. LCM, is well known for its 100 years old examination system both in United Kingdom and abroad for music, theater and communication.

Having almost around 260 centers, London College of Music appoints a committee for those who wants to attend exams. The committee conducts the exams and evaluates the results. Successful attendants are rewarded with a certificate which is valid globally.

"Those who have LCM certificate are eligible to work and study all over the world. It is also an accreditation of QFQUAL."

LCM curriculum is prepared with a high level of rigor. The books for LCM education is written in respect to each instrument separately. Similar to ABSRM, LCM has 8 different levels and one can participate for any level. However, working with or asking help from a professional instructor is always wiser.

Frequently asked questions about LCM exam:

When can I take LCM exam?
LCM exams are offered three times a year, by a commission from United Kingdom at registered LCM centers.

Which branches can I take the LCM exam for?
All the available branches for LCM is as follows;

Pipe Organ (Church Organ)
Electronic Keyboard
Electronic Organ
Jazz Piano
Popular Music Singing
Musical Singing
Wind Instruments
Transverse Flute
Classic Saxophone
Jazz Woodwinds
Jazz Copper Winds
Music Theory
Popular Music Theory
Noted Percussion
Plucked Instruments
Classic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Electro Guitar
Rock Guitar
Bass Guitar
Jazz Guitar

How to apply LCM exams?
The process of application varies from country to country. In Turkey, there are 3 time intervals to apply LCM exams, spring, summer and winter.

Are there age restrictions for application?
No. Anyone from any age can apply LCM exams.

Which level should I apply for?
Just like in ABRSM, one can apply for any level in LCM exams. However, in order to use time efficiently and avoid wasting money, it is wiser to work with a professional instructor during this process.

Do LCM committee provide instruments for exam?
No. Attendants must bring their own instruments.

How is the grading system?
Students are graded out of 100.
0 – 64 : Fail
65 – 74 : Success
75 – 84 : Merit
85 – 100 : Distant

For ALCM, LCM and FLCM minimum required grade for passing a level is 75.

What is the validity of LCM certificate?
As mentioned above, LCM is valid worldwide. Including Turkey, all LCM-certified musicians are one step ahead in getting accepted to prestigious music schools around the globe.

LCM in Turkey;
LCM exams only take place in authorized centers.
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