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Choosing Strings for Guitar

23 March 2019

Guitar is one of the oldest and most popular musical instruments out there. Any guitar's sound is highly dependent on its strings. This may seem like a small issue, however choosing the right strings for guitar can improve musical performance drastically.

Different guitar types require different materials to give the best sound. While nylon strings are generally preferred for classical guitars, steel or chromium strings are popular among acoustic, electric and bass guitar players. The main reason behind such difference is their rigidity. Nylon strings are softer and a better choice for newbie guitar players.

Steel strings on the other hand, require a much more force applied to hit the right note. Due to this fact, it's only natural to have thicker skin on fingertips over time. This is your body, protecting itself.

"Which guitar strings should I choose?"

This is a tricky question. To answer it, you first better decide on what kind of music or sound you're looking to make with your guitar. If heavy metal sound or rock music is what you're after, then getting an electric guitar is almost inevitable. Hence, you should be considering steel guitar strings. If you're a classical or jazz guitarist, nylon is good to go. Nylon strings are softer, strong at the low frequencies and easier to use.

You don't have to stick with one or the other forever! Starting off with nylon strings is another strategy, too. If you're just learning to play guitar, your fingers probably need adaptation. Nylon strings are ideal for beginners.

Other than the material they're made of, the main difference between nylon and steel strings is the way they're affected by the environment. Nylon strings are more sensitive compared to the ones made of steel. Room temperature especially is really important. Steel guitar strings are not that sensitive to temperature but due to the rigidity the guitar may lose its tone overtime. Both types of strings require occasional control.

Long story short, your guitar, your music, your choice!

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