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Making Money From Music

11 April 2019

You love music, you make music and you're good at music. Yet you still don't know how to make money with music. Well, no worries - just keep reading! musiconline is just about to drop some tactics to make money from music!

Making money from music is a dream. Now think it this way: you're earning a living by putting your artistic skills into work. So you're not like your peers, boring themselves in those 9-to-5 jobs but still getting dimes.

Well, of course it's not as easy as it looks but it is totally achievable! To make money from music, you initially need only few stuff: your music, a clear mind and good timing. Here are some paths you can take or get inspired by in the quest of making money from art.

    • Selling Beats to Rappers

Yes, we know every musical genre is valuable, but some are special. Rap music is becoming more and more popular every single day and it looks like it will be on top for quite a while. If you're already into making beats, you're on the right track.

What you need is a secure payment system and simply good marketing. Thanks to the technology, you don't even need a physical connection to distribute your music - simply an online store will do the job!

However, if you're at the "How to make music?" phase, you should get familiar with the fundamentals like music theory and music production tools .

    • Live Music

If you're confident with your instrumental or vocal skills, guess what? You may be sitting on a pile of gold! Just go out, chat with place owners and do some networking. Be confident and ask if they have any place for you and your music. This is as simple as that!

Live music, will be there as long as humanity stands. Yes, artificial intelligence in music may be advanced a lot in the recent years - but it will never be able to take live performance. We're humans, we're looking for human-like stuff and there is nothing more human than live performance in live music.

PS: Some place owners may offer you free food or drinks in return of your live music. This is totally up to your decision, but we kindly remind you to stay away from accepting offers like these a habit. At the end of the day, your rent will not be paid by beer!

    • Performing as a DJ

You love electronic music , you love DJ'ing and you have access to the right equipment.

If this is the case, what you need is a dope playlist and some good friends. Of course, investing some time in social media management and uploading mixes to well-known music portals, like Soundcloud or Mixcloud, would be wise as well.

    • Teaching Music

Being good at music something, being able to teach music is another. It requires patience and good communication skills of course. If you're blessed with such skills, there's no reason to stay away from teaching music.

Friendly reminder: being a teacher doesn't prevent being a student. You should always seek opportunities to expand your knowledge base. A couple extra respected music certificates would do no harm!

Every single option in the list you've just seen, can be implemented right this very moment.

It is fair to say that living in the internet era is awesome. You can get online music lessons anytime you want, anywhere you like. musiconline , is as close as one click and always here for to help you out.

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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