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What is Suzuki Method?

1 November 2018

Suzuki Method is a set of instructions for better performance in music education, developed by Japanese musician, pedagog and instructor Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

Dr. Suzuki's motivation in developing such a philosophy was mainly helping kids learning concepts with the most efficient way and develop a solid character with music education.

Who is Shinichi Suzuki?

Being one of the twelve children of his family, Shinichi Suzuki was born in 1898, Nagoya, Japan. As a kid, he spent most of his time with working at his father's violin factory. Suzuki was always discouraged by his father when making or producing music was the case. However a record of Mischa Elman's inspired him to start practicing violin. He started listening to professional violin records and tried imitating them.

With the help of his friend Marquis Tokugawa, Suzuki moved to Germany for a short period of time to study. During his time in Germany, Suzuki also worked with Albert Einstein. Once he returned home, he started as a teacher in Kunitachi Music School, a musical institute based in Tokyo.

Suzuki Method's origins;

After the start of his teaching career, Suzuki decided to work on his own technique of teaching. He was mainly inspired by how children are able to learn a language without any prior experience or knowledge and how hard it was for him to learn German during his time in Germany. He therefore concluded that the process of learning gives better results during childhood.

Fundamentals of the method

Suzuki Talent Education is based on the motto "Character first, talent next". A true believer of hard work and dedication, Suzuki's list of fundamentals are as follows:

    • Every kid can do it

Having no restrictions or requirements, it is okay to start practicing with the Suzuki Method for a 3 year old. Childhood is the perfect time for moving fast in different subjects. The earlier a kid starts a talent, the faster it masters.

    • Learning by watching

Any newcomer to any musical instrument may find it hard to start practicing. Learning by watching others not only helps the student to find the confidence to start practicing but also gives an idea on how to start practicing.

    • Learning by listening

Suzuki Method gives listening a significant importance. Students are advised to listen a track before practicing or even attempting to practicing it.

    • Perfect understanding

After getting familiar with the track, students are given with the proper education for musical notation, technique and musicality in general. Then they are encouraged to practice or play.

    • Common repertoire

Team work is mainly fueled by a common goal and there is no better way than having a common repertoire in music to embrace working as a team. With having a common repertoire, any student is welcome to group courses.

    • Working with a group

Suzuki's method embraces group consciousness and team work. Individual courses also has its place in the method however the main motivation is to encourage students to be able to work with a team.

    • In front of the crowd

Being on of the most crucial components of Suzuki Method, playing an instrument in front of a crowd helps anyone in overcoming the fear of public appearance. It also helps in developing a solid, confident and goal-oriented character.

    • Family support

As in life, family also plays a key role in Suzuki's method. Families are advised to support the kid throughout the courses and even getting educated and familiar with the instrument should be considered.

    • Practicing

Suzuki thought children learned a language mainly because they are exposed to it everyday, every minute, every moment. So practicing everyday is a must to gain mastery in an instrument.

    • Qualified instructors

Good quality know how or instruction is undoubtedly helpful. Suzuki Method expects its instructors to be well prepared for dealing with child psychology and able to transfer musical knowledge in the most excellent way.

There are approximately 8.000 Suzuki qualified teachers and 250.000 students being educated with the method. Unfortunately, the number of Suzuki qualified instructors in Turkey is barely 20. Luckily, we have some!

Certification for Suzuki Education

Shinichi Suzuki's main motivation was imposing a philosophy, rather than simply testing, examining or categorizing attendants by their score. However, certification is highly dependent on production. There are different levels of Suzuki Method eligibility and anyone is welcome to apply for getting one.

Suzuki Method and musiconline

As musiconline, we proudly continue to help new students and musicians with our certified Suzuki instructors everyday. You are always invited to our seminars and events, organized together with European Suzuki Association. You can also ask for a trial course.

If you are interested in different certification programs, you can check our blog and especially the ones that we have covered ABRSM and LCM.

Knowledge increases as it is shared!