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Who is Frédéric Chopin?

18 January 2020

How about getting to know Frédéric Chopin, who is the romantic Polish pianist and composer of 19th century and the modern world's interest in him continues to increase although 170 years after his death?


Chopin, one of the most important composers of The Romantic Period , received his first piano lessons from his mother at an early age, and his interest in music was noticed before it was too late. He continued his education in Warsaw, the city where he was born and raised, and had to leave his homeland due to the upheavals in the country before the November 1830 rebellion, and settled in Paris in 1831. After settling in Paris, Chopin began a relationship with the writer George Sand and had some difficulties in this relationship, and managed to craft his feelings into his compositions.

On the one hand, the longing for his homeland, the enemy occupation of his homeland; on the other hand, the different moods of joy and frustration created by his love, Chopin's works constitute the unity of melody. He created his works without any examples and brought many innovations to the world of music. He has created his works by blending his feelings and the impressions that he has acquired in the face of life. Chopin played the works of other composers, even without compromising his own style, without distancing himself from his emotions. His works are pure, clean and deep, as he creates his compositions by blending his emotions.

Chopin, who died at the age of 39, has composed many compositions in this short life. Although his compositions are mostly for piano, he has also written two piano concertos, several chamber music and Polish songs. What distinguishes Chopin from other composers of his ERA is that he used all the sounds the piano could give and composed his piano writing, taking into account the instrument's own possibilities and drawing on the physical characteristics of the two hands. Therefore, you may be familiar with his compositions wherever they are heard.

It is said that listening to Chopin opens the mind and gives a man peace. We have listed 3 works selected by us for you, advising you to listen to all the works of this master musician;

Chopin - Nocturne No. 1

Chopin - Nocturne No. 20 in C sharp minor

Chopin - Marsz Pogrzebowy / Funeral March

Unlike what is known as the ‘Spring Waltz’, which appears to belong to Chopin on YouTube and has more than 100 million views, it is owned by Paul de Senneville and is the original name of the composition “Mariage d'amour”

In this week in our series of articles about famous representatives of the Romantic period in music such as R. Strauss, S. Rachmaninoff, J. Brahms, we touched on the life of Frederic Chopin. If you like our article, you can share it using the buttons below, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter here to learn about musiconline's services and new blog posts.

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