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Mozart’s Masterpieces

5 December 2019

If you ask for the name of a unique composer whose supremacy has not been discussed for ages, the answer is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In this article, we reviewed for you the works of the composer with the absolute ear, which fit more than 600 works in his short 35 year life.


Mozart played his first concert as a child after being discovered by his father at age 6 at the Palace of Versailles in Paris by King XV. He gave it to Louis. His wit, childlike exuberance, simplicity, talisman that immediately grasps the listener, and his deep thought behind all his childishness make him privileged from many composers.

Mozart, who made his most famous compositions in the last ten years of his life, exhibited his works in palaces at different periods of his life but did not want to get a regular assignment in the palace. “Great works cannot be written in the comfort of a limousine." His word shows the philosophy behind his compositions.

Mozart wrote almost every work on an order, but he always dreamed of an ideal audience and a very talented group of commentators. In 1764, his first works were published in Paris. Although all of the works of the composer, whose time until the age of 35 can only be considered as a youth period, some of his outstanding compositions are as follows:

Piano Concertos: No.15, No.17, No.18, No.19, No.20, No.21, No.22, No.23, No.24, No.25, No.26, No.26

Serenades: A Little Night Music (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) (1787), Haffner Serenade (1776)

Sonatas: La Major Piano Sonata (KV 331) and Famous Turkish Anthem (Allaturca Marsh)

Symphonies: No.31-Paris, No.35-Haffner, No.36-Linz, No.38-Prague, No.39, No.40, 1788 No.41-Jupiter

Operas: Kidnapping The Girl From The Palace (Die Entführung aus dem Serail) 1782, Figaro's wedding (Figaros Hochzeit) 1786, Cairo Goose, La Clemenza di Tito , Don Giovanni 1787, Opera for the Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte) 1790

Opera Reviews

  • Mozart's Magic Flute opera: It is reminiscent of an English pantomime. The personification of good and evil on stage is again reminiscent of morality plays. It is a colourful fairy tale presented to the nobles of Vienna. It passes near the pyramids of Isis and Osiris in Ancient Egypt. He wants to tell the Viennese the combination of the real and the superior. A colourful setting was created in this opera using folk tunes, anthems, a skilful koloratur soprano and an instrument such as the glockenspiel.
  • Figaro's Wedding: It's in the comic opera genre.. It is said to be the most ludicrous and most fluid opera written for Figaro's wedding.
  • The Abduction from the Seraglio and The Magic Flute: They are German operas. These two operas were intended to provide entertainment in their own language to audiences in Germany and Austria. It uses non-musical conversations instead of recitative in these structures.
  • Idomeneo: This opera by Mozart is an example of the serious opera genre. In this work, noble melodic arias, ballets, collective soloists exhibit orchestral pieces and dramatic effect.

Despite the distressed periods such as psychological problems due to the absolute ear, the death of his daughter, moving house in 9 years 11 times, Mozart brought many important works to music. 200th anniversary of the composer's death (1991), which also inspired many subsequent composers, was declared as “the Year of Mozart” in many countries, including Turkey. In this context, a large number of events have been organized in different areas such as concerts, exhibitions, conferences, panels. We will continue to refer to the other works of Mozart, who was the most famous composer releasing the name of Turkish in music in the Classical Period.

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