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Who is Mozart?

13 December 2018

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We all have heard his name somewhere, somehow. This is not merely coincidence. Mozart, was one of the most productive and artistic musicians of his time, composed 626 musical pieces in only 35 years.

As musiconline , we decided to take a moment to take a closer look to this music legend.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1756. He also had a sister named Maria.

Unlike modern day usage, Mozart preferred to be called as Wolfgang during his lifetime. His interest and talent in music is far from simply 'luck'. His father Leopold Mozart was a prominent music instructor of his time and leading the orchestra of Salzburg's archbishop.

Leopold Mozart, spent a significant amount of time in observing and developing the optimum way to learn violin and has written several books about the topic. At the age of 3, Wolfgang stunned his with his talent. Leopold Mozart decided to put his focus and energy fully on his son, taking him as his student and teaching him whatever he can. With the help of his father, Wolfgang mastered many instruments at an early age and composed his first piece at the age of 4.

Wolfgang traveled a lot during his childhood and performed at most of the cities he visited. Being a child prodigy and the power of word-of-mouth, Mozart became a well-known musician quickly.

During one of his tours, young Mozart played with famous Italian cellist Giovanni Battista Cirri. Despite working with many respected and prominent musical figures, Mozart's favorite inspirational figure was Johann Sebastian Bach. This fact is later support by many research, showing that Bach's and Mozart's compositions are similar in certain ways.

The problems of daily life became bigger in a tragic way and Mozart couldn't continue his career as a composer. At a very early age, he passed away while he was 35 in 1791. Where he lies today still is a mystery.

Not very long ago, a film which tells the story of one of the greatest figures in the entire music history, Amadeus, has won 8 Oscars in different branches. Amadeus was directed by Milos Forman and Peter Shaffer starred as Wolfgang Mozart. Although targeted by many critics due to inconsistent dates throughout the film, it helped the life of Mozart to be known by more people.

Here is a trailer to give you a hint:

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