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Who is Johannes Brahms?

14 March 2019

One of the most prominent figures of Romantic Era, Johannes Brahms is still an inspirational figure. as musiconline, we decided to take a closer look at this creative genius' life

Although he was born in Hamburg, Germany, Brahms has spent significant amount of his professional music life in Vienna. He was considered as a traditionalist by some, a total progressive mind for others. One thing was for sure: his ambition for perfection. In fact, this passion for perfection caused him to destroy many compositions of his before even releasing.

Johannes Brahms inherited his talent and interest in music from his father, Johann Jakob Brahms. Jakob Brahms is known to be leave his family to make his way up to Hamburg Philharmonic Society.

Just like Mozart, the very first music training was given to Johannes Brahms by his father. Soon after he was confident with his fundamental music knowledge, he learned to play violin, cello and piano. He gave his first concert at the age of 10. However his passion for composing instead of live performance was highly disputed by his family.

Big names like Eduard Remenyi, Joseph Joachim and Franz Liszt were important figures for the initial phase of Brahms' music career, even though it is said that their fellowship didn't go well. According to Remenyi's claims, Brahms fell asleep in one of Lizst's performances and they were disagreeing almost every musical subject.

Another important figure in Brahms' life was Robert Schumann, who saw and praised Brahms as "the future". Up until his suicide, Schumann was a great supporter of both Brahms' personality and music.

Losing his beloved mom, right after this tragic incident created a huge mess for Brahms. Things got even worse after his critique draft prepared for Lizst was revealed. Meanwhile, Brahms was expected to become the director of Hamburg Philharmonic Society but that wasn't happening any soon either.

He still managed to focus on his musical work and productivity.

We can feel nothing but lucky for this creative genius to compose beautiful pieces like Hungarian Dances and his first symphony.

Although he gathered huge respect and positive feedback for his compositions, Brahms spent his last years mostly with a feeling of "unsatisfied" or "pessimistic". Known for his clean-shaven face, Brahms stopped taking care of his face after his 45. With his many beautiful compositions behind, Johannes Brahms died due to liver cancer in April 3rd, 1897.

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