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Basic Music Terms

14 September 2019

Music education can be defined as the process of creating the musical behavior changes that one wants in his or her life. The basic terms of music are the first step in this musical behavior change process you decide.

Playing a musical instrument, vocal education, singing lessons, theoretical education, such as the types of music education, in the field of orientation to have knowledge of basic music terms, practical and theoretical sense of learning will benefit. We have listed some of the basic music terms for you, which we regularly share from our social media accounts every week.

  • Music: Music is the art of arranging sounds in a way that sounds good.
  • Sound: Sound is a kind of energy. It occurs with vibration and converts vibration into audible energy.
  • Note: A musical note is written on 5 lines or spacing, which is called porte, symbolizing musical sound.
  • Scale: Gamut, which means the ladder or step in music, is a sound sequence with a certain order.
  • Solfege: This is the study of singing the names and tones of the notes for ear training, which is one of the basic elements in the music learning process. It can also be called a kind of singing with note names.
  • Rhythm: It is the division of time into parts of equal or different lengths over a period of time.
  • Tempo: Tempo is an Italian term meaning dictionary. In music, it is used to indicate the degree of speed of the track.
  • Staff: The porte, also called a string, consists of five parallel lines and four spaces and is used to transcribe music. Notes can be written both above and between the lines in the portrait. As the notes in the portrait are placed higher, the sounds will shrill.
  • G clef: It is the switch that is placed on the second line of the portrait and that gives the name of the line.
  • F clef: It is the key which is placed on the fourth line of the portrait and that gives the name of the line.
  • C clef: Indicates whether the third or fourth line of the portrait corresponds to the do note.
  • Octave: A series of eight notes in music.

We have shared with you the most known of these concepts, which will extend in new terms according to your preferred field. In this article, we gave information about music education process.

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