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Robot Revolution in Music

4 April 2019

Smart systems have been playing an important role in our daily lives for the last couple years. Thanks to artificial intelligence, production of all kinds is easier. Yes, music production, too!


Artificial intelligence in music is already a thing. We must give a heads up: Mostly the difference between artificial intelligence and artificial consciousness is overseen.

What we know as artificial intelligence now is complex robots, analyzing given data and coming up with decisions. That's it. Nevertheless, robots that can compose music, write poems and melodies deserve a credit.

Current status of artificial intelligence technology only allows us to read huge chunks of compositions or chord progressions and classify them to teach robots which class is associated with what. Once a robot knows this statistical information, it can classify new data by itself - or even better, it can produce some!

Producing data, music-wise, means writing melodies or chord progressions. It is fair to critique such technique as not unique or original at all. Still, we'd like to remind that this is a fairly new technology and there is a long road to go. Just because we don't see robot orchestras right now, doesn't mean we won't in the future!

Robot band, "Octant"!

You may not heard of Octant. In fact, defining Octant as a band is quite optimistic. Because it is formed by only one member, at least for now, Matt Steinke. Steinke sings and plays guitar while every other musical element of his sound is generated by robots - designed by him!

Music industry is quite fascinated about the potential of artificial intelligence in music. Steinke is not the only one who is interested in music and implementing futuristic ideas. Here we leave you with another musician-engineer, Nigel John Stanford.

A great video that shows what music robots can do right now and gives an idea about what they can do in the future!

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