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Online Concerts

28 March 2020

Because of the Covid-19 virus that has ravaged the world, millions of people are staying home to prevent the epidemic. It seems like the best idea for now is to stay home, since it's not exactly predictable. So at times like this, what can we music fans do at home, how can we make up for the activities we missed? In today's blog post on musiconline, we listed the free concerts you can watch online.

Measures taken worldwide to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) have led to the cancellation or postponement of many concerts. Not limited to these, of course, some concert halls were closed indefinitely. But musicians who do not know any obstacles are not only a source of morale for their fans, but also able to continue to perform their profession online by publishing concerts online.

Classical music lovers are very lucky in terms of the concerts that will be broadcast in the coming days. Many world-famous classical music orchestras broadcast their concerts for free.

Highlights from orchestras, some of which have free membership via their own platforms and some of which broadcast concerts via their YouTube channel;

London Symphony Orchestra - ‘Always Playing’

The Metropolitan Opera - ‘Nightly Met Opera Streams

Berlin Philharmonic - ‘Digital Concert Hall’

Wigmore Hall - ‘Live Stream’

Bavarian State Orchestra - ‘Staatsopera TV’

Seattle Symphony - ‘Live Broadcasts’ (Every Thursday and Saturday)

Vienna State Opera - ‘Continues Daily Online’

Detroit Symphony Orchestra - ‘DSO Replay’

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra - ‘GSO Play’

Budapest Festival Orchestra - ‘Quarantine Soirées’

Boris Giltburg (Pianist)– ‘Lunchtime Concerts’

In light of all the concerts and major music events cancelled due to measures taken for coronavirus, Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin launched a new social media stream by performing a concert at home via his instagram account on March 16. Martin later also shared a 30-minute clip from his candid performance.

Artists such as Pink, Keith Urban, Rob Thomas, David Foster and Katharine McPhee have also supported this campaign and performed concerts online.

A live concert by Turkish pianist Gülsin Onay via periscope was watched by about 1 million people within 24 hours.

MTV also recently launched an event; Unplugged at Home. Accordingly, artists were asked to sing acoustic versions of their greatest hits, and great concerts ensued. The first performance was from Wyclef Jean; he sang the song ‘If I Was President’, which was originally ‘Hips Don't Lie’.

JoJo is one of the people who participated in this event. The artist performed the songs ‘Man’, ‘Small Things’ and ‘Too little, too late’.

John Legend, on the other hand, received a great deal of acclaim with his live concert on his instagram account ; he performed with much-loved songs such as ‘All of me’.

In these difficult days when we are quarantining ourselves, we hope that these concerts will satisfy some of the pleasures. With musiconline , Turkey's first online music lessons platform, you can take music lessons over the internet and follow our blog and social media accounts sharing information.

We wish you a healthy and musical day.

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