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Tools for Making Music

24 January 2019

Music recording techniques developed a lot in recent years. Making music is much easier compared to the past and individuals are more aware of the tools they can use. Hence as musiconline , we have taken a closer look to digital audio workstations you can use for your music production.

DAWs differ from each other in their own ways. But they are essentially designed for the same purpose: making music. There are probably hundreds of workstation options out there, but we know your time is valuable so instead of filling it up with every single DAW, we picked the most popular ones.


    • Cubase

With its free and paid versions, Cubase is widely used by amateur and professional musicians. It has all the tools and the necessary plug-in support you need to produce music in the best way. However, its learning curve is not very steep and one can find it difficult to get used to the interface.

But once you build a familiarity, you can make the best music!

FL Studio

    • FL Studio

With its smooth user interface, FL Studio may be the best tool for newbie music producers. It's bridging technology also helps you use any plug-in, 32-bit or 64-bit, but... A huge but is needed for FL Studio's resource management. If you have a below average computer FL Studio may prevent you to reach a certain complexity in your songs.

Still, it is one of the best tools for beginning music production and every musician should give it a try!

Presonus Studio

    • Presonus Studio

Presonus Studio is a software generally used for mixing, clipping and re-arranging audio clips. With its ease of use you can use Presonus for coding your music live and MIDI mapping.

Presouns Studio is also known for its pre-configured structure for many sound cards and infinitely many channels.

Garage Band

    • Garage Band

Produced by Apple, GarageBand is only suitable for platforms with the operating systems of iOS and macOS. You can use channels counting up to 32 and configure the smallest details. With its user friendly and easy to use interface, GarageBand is another hero for new music makers.

Adobe Audition

    • Adobe Audition

Although Adobe is generally known for its softwares for visual media, it also have an application to work with audio. Adobe Audition has the in-built features of spectrum imaging and waveform visualizer which helps immensely in mastering and analyzing any musical piece. It is, designed to produce achieve the highest quality possible for any sound.

Knowledge increases as it is shared!