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Guitar Types

25 May 2019

One might think of a specific figure when the musical instrument guitar is mentioned: a wooden stick attached to a curved body and six strings. However, there are many different types of guitars.

Having a solid place in almost every single musical genre, guitar is a star. It helps musicians to express any kind of emotions and this is where its power is coming from.

Acoustic, bass or electro... Each and every one is unique and of course, beautiful. Let's take a closer look at this bad boy!

Gelin, bu geniş aileye daha yakından bakalım.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are divided into two: steel stringed acoustic guitar and classical guitars. They look almost exactly like each other but the ways they are used generally differs.

To give an example, steel stringed guitars are generally used by songwriters and composers while acoustic is more like a performance instrument.

And obviously, they differ when it comes to picking the right strings.

Electric Guitar

Led by the great pioneers Fender and Les Paul, electric guitar is world's one of the best musical instruments.

History of the guitar is something that especially rock and metal enthusiasts are familiar with and it has great brains behind it. Its "sharp" and "metallic" sound is coming from an electronic mechanism.

One big plus for electric guitars is, it doesn't produce the sound with the help of air vibration. So unlike acoustic guitars, the body doesn't serve to produce the sound directly - which means its shape can be modified in any way!


Twelve String Guitar

Well, twelve string guitar is basically just another guitar with thinner strings - which helps to place an addition of six to the current ones.

Twelve string guitars are mostly used by those who wish to compose complex chord progressions or melodies. Also, they are more expensive compared to traditional acoustic guitars - so an average guitar player generally doesn't prefer.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar differs from the traditional one in two ways: width and the number of strings. Although there are bass guitars with six strings, generally a bass guitar is known to have simply four. In addition to that, neck length is longer than the other guitars.

To compose an enriched musical piece, bass line and low frequencies are crucial. Bass guitars are especially prominent in musical genres like rock, jazz and blues.

Double Neck Guitar

Yeah, you read it right. This is a thing. There are guitars with multiple necks. And they are quite interesting instruments!

A typical double neck guitar has six strings on one neck and twelve on the other. But, it is known that there are different combinations when it comes to string distribution, designed for custom inquiries.

It may sound odd - but especially double neck guitars were popular among globally known guitar players and virtuosos like Jimmy Page, Don Felder and Steve Vai.

Don't get scared by the big names! You don't have to be a rockstar to play the guitar good or own a fancy one. No matter which one is your favorite, first learn the basics of the music. :)

Thanks to the internet, it takes a lot less effort to learn new stuff. With musiconline, you are as close as a click to stepping up your music game.

Knowledge increases as it is shared!