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Babies and Music

2 May 2020

Babies… Educators and researchers, especially parents researched about the development process of babies in the womb and after birth and applied which factors or factors caused which effects for years. As musiconline, we investigated the ear development of babies, the most appropriate and best music types for them and what effects of listening to newborns.


Music plays an important role in the mental, physical and emotional development of babies. For this reason, the loudness in the environment, the type of music listened and the characteristics of the environment where the baby is after birth are of great importance.

Music in The Mother’s Womb

The most suitable music genres that can be played to the baby in the womb is Classical music. But only some of the Classical Music that are devoted to many periods are suitable for babies. Among these are the works written in the Baroque and Classical periods .

"In a study conducted at Brigham Young University, it has been suggested that babies who listen to music in their womb have a calmer characteristics after being born."

Slow rhythm and calm tones also greatly help babies have a peaceful sleep. Parents looking for suitable music for babies with sleep problems can look at the list here .

After the classical music pieces listened to by the baby hierarchically, some different types of music can be played as a continuation. In order to decide on these genres, starting from the movements of the baby in the mother's womb is a way to understand which style of music the baby likes.

Here are a few examples of classical music and other genres that you can listen to your baby while in the womb;

Transition Period to Childhood

Songs and nursery rhymes contribute to the baby's language development. At the same time, as a result of his movements, his motor and mental development accelerates, his social skills and abilities also improve. Music and musical activities are also effective in the development of children's creativity. At a later age, we summarized the effect of music on children in our blog post ' Music lessons and their roles in the child's development '.

"A study conducted on two main groups at the end of primary school reveals that the group who received music education achieved more successful results in the reading test than the group who did not receive music education. Especially classical music education strengthens children's reading, learning and creativity skills."

To summarize, the following factors significantly affect the baby's ear development;

  • Playing music by following a certain order before and after birth
  • Discovering the music taste of the baby,
  • Determining which genre he is more interested in and whether the music ear exists,
  • Selecting a different piece of music specific to each event and paying attention to the same music to be played before the activities (For example, music that is played routinely before sleep starts the sleep-related processes in the brain of the baby and thus the baby is ready to sleep. After a certain period, the baby can understand which event to do.)

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