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What is Virtuoso?

4 May 2019

A virtuoso is a person who has gained mastery over a musical instrument. This title can be earned by music certification programs but the term also can be unofficially given to any artist by public.

Using the word 'virtuoso' for musicians is relatively new. One of the top virtuosos is Farid Farjad, also known as 'the man who makes violin cry'. Farjad is a US citizen but coming from Iranian heritage. His style is somewhere between Western classical music and traditional Persian music.

Another important figure is Sviatoslav Richter. Born and raised in Ukraine, Richter started working with Heinrich Neuhaus at the age of 18. It is stated that Neuhaus described Richter as "the student he was waiting for all his life."

As musiconline , we are proud to be Turkey's first online music academy and we would like to mention famous Turkish virtuosos as well! Idil Biret and Fazil say is two of the greatest Turkish artists, known for their outstanding piano skills.

Say, being described as one of the greatest artist of 21st century by Le Figaro, has worked with greatest orchestras, conductors and musicians all around the world. His playing style is appreciated globally and unique for sure.

Idil Biret currently holds the title of "having the widest repertoire" as a pianist. She is known for his successful music education in Paris National Conservatory and her life even inspired a French writer! "Idil Biret: A Turkish Pianist in France" (Originally named: "Idil Biret : Une Pianiste Turque en France") is a well known musical book.

You don't need much to become a virtuoso. A musical instrument and determination. That's all! Oh, music training? You've got musiconline!

Thanks to the internet, we can access any type of education at anywehere, any time. As long as you have a computer and a decent connection, it is as easy as a few clicks to become a professional musician. ?

Knowledge increases as it is shared!