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Famous Guitarists


Guitarists are indispensable for music bands… This week on musiconline blog , we look at these musicians whose improvised guitar solos are in our ears, but sometimes do not leave as much trace as the soloists. Come, let's take a look at famous guitarists and their unforgettable performances together.


Jimi Hendrix 


The first name on our list is Jimi Hendrix , an American guitarist, singer, songwriter and icon of a generation, one of the most important guitarists in rock music history. Born in the United States on November 27, 1942, Hendrix first met his guitar at the age of 14. A successful musician who learned to play the second-hand electric guitar Ozark that his father bought on his own, he followed Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry in his teenage years. Jimi started his musical life by performing in local bars and cafes with his own group of friends, and in 1966 he met Michael Jeffery , the former manager of Animals, and under his direction formed his own band called the Jimi Hendrix Experience . Hendrix, who announced his name with the song Purple Haze , which he released with the band, soon spread in Europe, started working on his first album Are You Experienced .


Released in the UK on May 12, 1967 and soon began to be sold in Canada and the USA thanks to the positive reactions it received, Hendrix's debut album Are You Experienced , has been ranked second in the British music charts for a long time after The Beatles ' legendary album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band


Hendrix , who took the stage at Woodstock , which was held on August 18, 1969 and was the largest festival ever held with over 500,000 participants and staged a two-hour show that the audience will never forget for their lives, stayed away from the US scenes for a while and has gone on tour in Europe .


Jimi Hendrix , who died on September 18, 1970 at the age of 27, despite his short life, left behind valuable concerts, albums and a great fan base.



Jimmy Page 


Jimmy Page, the founder of the legendary band Led Zeppelin and one of the most influential, important and versatile guitarists and songwriters of all time in rock history, was born on January 9, 1944 in England. At the age of 13, Page, who got his first guitar inspired by Elvis Presley 's " Baby Le 's Play House " melody and succeeded in learning the guitar after a few lessons, went on a UK tour with Neil Christian & The Crusaders instead of going to college right after high school. Meanwhile, the musician, who was seriously ill and had to leave his tour with the group halfway, chose to enroll in an art school in Sutton, Surrey and head towards the field of painting after his recovery.


With the emergence of bands such as the Rolling Stones in the early 60s and the brave blues rock, Page's interest in music was revived once again, but instead of forming a group immediately, he decided to make his music for a while. Working with bands such as The Who , Them , Donovan , The Kinks and Rolling Stones , Jimmy continued his career with the Yardbirds group in 1966. Jimmy Page captivated millions of people with his solo performance in the live performance of Stairway to Heaven , one of the band's most famous songs.



Eric Clapton 


Eric Patrick Clapton, who was born in England on 30 March 1945, asked his family for a guitar in 1958, when Rock and Roll had a great impact all over the world, Eric met a cheap German Hoyer , and his guitar was short after steel strings forced him too much. He put it aside by experiencing it for a while. Eric, who started studying at Kingston College of Art at the age of 16 in 1961 with a one-year trial period, was also curious about blues. After listening to names such as  B.B King , Muddy Waters , Buddy Guy , and Freddie King , he asked his family for support to buy a new guitar for him.


Developed in just two years, the musician became one of the most talked about guitars on the R&B pub track in October 1963. Accepting Keith Relf and Paul Samwell-Smith 's offer to join The Yardbirds , Clapton earned the nickname Slowhand during his 18-month working with the band and recorded their first album. But also unable to give up his love of American blues, Clapton left the Yardbirds and formed Derek and the Dominos with Jim Gordon , Carl Radle and Bobby Whitlock from Delaney & Bonnie's band in the summer of 1970. But the band disbanded after a failed attempt to tour America and record a second album.


He continued his career with two concerts at London's Rainbow Theatre in January 1973, hosted by his friend Pete Townshend (the Who), and became a guitarist with a new style and sound, as well as a confident vocalist and composer, with 461 Ocean Boulevard in 1974.


In the late ‘80s, Eric Clapton , who had a second career as a composer of film soundtracks, became increasingly powerful and took his name to the top in 1992 with his Grammy-winning single ’ Tears In Heaven '.



This week, as musiconline, we have listed the major guitarists who have written their names in gold letters in the music world and their performances. You can follow us on our social media accounts and subscribe to our e-newsletter to be instantly informed about this series of blog posts that will continue and our other published posts.


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