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Who is Lindsey Stirling?


We get to know Lindsey Stirling, the American performance artist who works wonders with her violin and wipes the rust out of our ears, and offers a visual feast with dance shows, in this week's article. Who is Lindsey Stirling with her sympathetic manners and impressive performances?


Born in 1986 in California, USA, she began his musical education with the violin at the age of six. She spent 12 years of his education studying Classical Music.

Stirling joined a rock band with her friends at the age of sixteen, and then won success in the talent category at America's ‘Junior Miss’ national pageant with her solo violin rock song, which she wrote. The young talent, who also participated in the fifth season of the Americas Got Talent Contest, made it to the quarterfinals and introduced herself to a wide audience.

Lindsey Stirling continues to profoundly impress the audience today with her choreography on her YouTube channel, as well as being an accomplished musician. She said: "I love playing the violin, dancing, writing music, editing videos, dressing and performing. So I put it all together and this happened“ by the words of the artist, YouTube channel has reached 12 million subscribers.

From the videos featured on this channel, we advise you to watch;

On the 30th birthday of the artist who reached such a wide audience on YouTube. we recommend that you watch the documentary film ‘Brave Enough’, which she has prepared while dealing with the most challenging and traumatic events of her life in recent years. The video is broadcast on YouTube Premium under the title ‘Originals'.

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