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Effects of Covid-19 on Musicians

9 January 2021

For nearly a year, we have been battling the global Covid-19 epidemic, which has profoundly affected our lives. A pandemic that led everyone to a completely different life, regardless of profession, position, people, and brought restrictions and prohibitions with it; it also did not miss the music industry. Because being in crowded environments carries a great risk, the music world is experiencing perhaps the most difficult period in its history. In our blog post this week as musiconline, we look into the Coronavirus and its impact on musicians, which has also led to 2020 being called the worst year.


We are going through a difficult period that directly affects the entire music and entertainment industry, including professional or amateur musicians, and even conservatory students who continue their education life. In this period when all collective events such as concerts, weddings, and parties are banned, dozens of musicians and backstage team members who have no income from anywhere else are experiencing the negative effects of an uncertain end. It is difficult to predict when the restrictions will continue and even if the course of the epidemic eases, when we will return to our old normal. And yet, musicians whose sole or most important income is making music on the stage continue to suffer serious financial difficulties.

Although album sales or royalties from digital platforms allow music producers to breathe a little bit of comfort, concerts are the main source of livelihood in the industry. There are many slices of music industry cake, from orchestra to sound player, from lightman to rodis, from manager to transport officer to the assistant, from venue employees to peddlers around the venue.

Social media profile photos of people from all these different missions have been red in recent months to express the problems they are experiencing. Sector employees published a joint statement, "We will be in solidarity/unity with people who are unemployed in the event/entertainment sector due to mistakes that do not belong to them and the current process." They gave place to their statements and drew the attention of the public about support.

In the days when the course of the epidemic was unpredictable, solidarity funds were created for musicians around the world; these funds were also supported by many music lovers.

Although these supported projects are important steps for musicians, they have not been able to offer a permanent solution to the music world.

While all this is happening, some musicians, turning their face to the possibilities offered by technology, can continue to meet their listeners by turning to digital content production and online concerts . The concerts and the content produced through channels such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, albeit in a virtual environment, alleviate the weight of quarantine days on all of us.

Although our wish is that physical meetings can begin as soon as possible, both with our health situation and the course of the epidemic, as well as with the introduction of new habits, it is a fact that we must now get used to the new normal, develop ourselves and our products in this direction.

As musiconline, we set out to offer a good alternative to the music education sector and our users in 2017. In the current situation, we have come to, we are working with all our strength to make our online/virtual sharing as real as possible, to touch music lovers, and to support the continuation of music without silence.

We hope that the content we have prepared for the 2021 season, new types of lessons, and most importantly our new software will bring a little hope to you, our users, and musicians who want to meet with music during the epidemic. We want all musicians who have made music a part of their life and who aim to pass it on to the next generation to join us .

For university students who are not musicians but have given their hearts to the music sector, our music scholarship applications continue.

Let's go through this difficult process together, hand in hand.

We hope that 2021 will be the year of new hopes and beginnings, and we, music lovers, can reach our physical meetings we long for as soon as possible.

Stay with music and health.

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