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4 July 2019

Listening to beautiful songs is one thing - but writing couple is another. It may take even years to complete one… But fear not! You’re about to learn some tricks for blog/songwriting with musiconline .

Starting off, not every song has to contain lyrics. Words are not the only option when it comes to express feelings and thoughts. You neither have to be a great writer nor a virtuoso to tell your story.

Let’s make it clear: all you need is a decent music knowledge and the necessary tools to make music at home. This is all it takes to make good music nowadays!

But it’s only fair to include more than instrumentals in your songs to enrich your story. How do you do that? Well obviously, with lyrics. If you’re wondering how to write good songs, keep reading. We have some tips for you!

Clear Your Mind

Life is faster than it has ever been. Problems and mind boggling thoughts are everywhere - and it’s becoming harder and harder to have a peace of mind.

And this is definitely not good for creative process! Having a clear mind is always a good start to write good lyrics. When your mind is at ease, you don’t need to do anything - the words themselves will come to you.

Breathing exercises are crucial to reach a calm state. You can also benefit from meditation and any kind of routine that helps clearing off your head. Drop whatever you’re doing and focus more on your breath - of course after done reading this post!

Write It Down

Creative process varies from person to person and each individual has a different methodology. Some are highly motivated by turning inwards, while others are inspired by watching around.

If you know where to look at, both are good. But the only way to make it better is, writing your thoughts down.

Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, everything moves fast and ideas may disappear in a snap of time. Be wise and write your experience down. Trust us, they will be useful later on.

Make That Pen Work

Thanks to the technology, we don’t literally need to write stuff ‘down’. We can tap and type on cool screens and work wherever we like.

But don’t forget that human brain have strongly evolved around the physicality and the very physical experience of the world. So the electronic is good, but you’re hardwired for the physical.

So if you’re feeling stuck, looking at some screen, just leave it. Get yourself a comfortable place, an actual paper and a pen. Writing lyrics may be easier than you’d imagine!

Read Poems

You don’t have to be a hopeless romantic to be a fan of poetry.

It’s fair to say that writing lyrics is similar to writing poems. So if you’re serious about blog/songwriting, you have to take a good look at any kind of source of inspiration.

Scan the literature. Learn more about influential figures. Know your playground so you can do your best! Once you get a sense of how to use words in an effective way, you’re already one step ahead in the blog/songwriting game.

Well, that’s it for now.

“What about composing?” you may ask. We have something much better than an advice for that.

With musiconline , you can improve your musical skills with online music courses anywhere, any time. All you need is a computer and a decent internet connection - music is as close to you as a few clicks!

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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