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Solidarity Funds for Musicians

25 April 2020

As the negative effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on health continue to increase day by day, many sectors are at risk of a deep economic collapse. So how is the process progressing in terms of the millions of musicians whose livelihoods have been affected by the crisis? As musiconline, we investigated the impact of COVID-19 on the musicians' business potential and the solidarity funds launched worldwide to overcome this crisis.


Coronavirus is still on course as an uncontrollable pandemic. Although positive progress has been made in some countries, social isolation is the most ideal measure against the epidemic, which continues to have an impact all over the world, and this has negatively affected many sectors economically. Perhaps one of the most striking examples of this negative influence is the musicians. For musicians whose livelihoods are largely stage performances, direct contact with people is a part of their lives.

We can't say that the social isolation created by the epidemic precedes the artistic effort. On the contrary, the sound of music rising from houses in recent times has been and continues to be a great motivator for the whole world. Many artists whose touring and organizations were cancelled carried the scenes to their homes with the unifying power of music. The house concerts they held have become a current, growing in waves on social media. But this process has also revealed a reality: the economic crisis is not resolvable for every artist.

For millions of musicians, the economic aspect of the crisis is as serious as the health aspect, and uncertainty about normalisation remains.

In such a process, driven by uncertainty, a movement that could be a beacon of hope for many musicians has begun: Solidarity funds.

Organizations including online music platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Equal Sound, ASCAP have recently announced that they have created solidarity funds for many musicians who have suffered economically, either within their own organization or through corporate project partnerships.

These charity funds, which can be directly supported by listeners, are designed in different formats in themselves. Some, for example, allow artists registered in the system to register and benefit from the fund, as well as artists whose work is not registered. In another, it is designed to make the internet sharing of artists paid for within the body and to enable them to receive funds from it.

Let's examine the details together;


Spotify, the digital music platform that provides access to millions of songs and content around the world, announced on its website that it had launched a relief project against the covid-19 epidemic while at the same time making a number of changes to its interface as a result. The project, which is being carried out with the support of various foundations and charity funds, allows users to make donations via the internet by selecting the music organization they wish. Spotify, which is also up its sleeves to help reach artists directly, is preparing to introduce the feature, which will soon be available to listeners to donate money to. We also support Spotify , which doesn't forget the musicians who make their own music at home, in their assistance to the musicians in these difficult days.


SoundCloud, a digital music platform founded in 2007, announced it was partnering with social media platform Twitch to support musicians. This allows all SoundCloud Pro, SoundCloud Premier and Repost by SoundCloud creators to make money from Twitch publications. Musicians who wish to benefit from this collaboration can first create an account via Twitch and then fill out this form to apply.

Equal Sound

Equal Sound platform has also announced that it has launched support projects in order to produce quick solutions to the needs arising from the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition to donating a large amount of space to this subject on the website , it also develops projects that allow users to donate by collaborating with various organizations such as spotify.

New Music Solidarity Fund

New Music Solidarity Fund , which aims to provide emergency financing to musicians affected by COVID-19, has collected 370 thousand dollars in a short time with the campaign it launched. The platform, which aims to reach 500 thousand dollars of support until May 15, announced that it will help musicians who request support in terms of rent, food, utilities and medical needs. If you wish to the Music Solidarity Fund; you can support here.


American Composers, Authors and Publishers Association 'ASCAP' is a nonprofit performance rights agency. Ascap, who secured their musical copyrights by monitoring the activities of their members, announced that he was with the musicians within itself during this difficult period.

Musicians with works can obtain royalty income by registering with their professional associations in any country in which their works are published.

As musiconline, on this blog post, we searched for the effects of the epidemic crisis on musicians and the solidarity campaigns launched against it. We wish this process to pass with minimal damage for everyone.

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We wish you a healthy and musical day.

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