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Distributing Music

11 May 2019

You composed, recorded and mastered. Finally, your song is ready to be published and listened by millions. But you don't know where to start distributing your music. Worry no more, musiconline is here to give you some tips!

Whether you want to sing good or nail beautiful guitar solos, if you can't distribute a finished song they are almost meaningless.

Well of course this is a statement made with the assumption that you want to reach other people, express your feelings with your music. But if you are doing it for the sole purpose of having fun, you are all good. Nevertheless, everyone should have the knowledge about reaching out other people with art in this digital age.

Analog to Digital

Speaking of digital... Take a second and re-imagine how you find the music you listen to. It's highly likely that you find them on YouTube, Spotify or some other online streaming platform. To put it even more simply, you are reaching music with couple clicks (or taps).

This is fairly new in human history.

Back then to be able to hear some good tunes, you would have to bu a CD or cassette or a phonograph record even before. Phonograph records are the oldest among these technologies, but they are still popular and loved by music enthusiasts. We're skipping that for now :)

Think it this way: Conceptually, there is no difference between going into a physical music store and buying a physical music source in exchange to physical money between going into a digital music platform and streaming a digital music file in exchange to digital money (or ads).

But this is something new considering the entire human history.

It used to require record companies to invest time and money into an artist so that they can record and physically print the copy (and again) physically distribute the record to physical stores. Lots of physicality, right?

Luckily, digital revolution made this process easier and cheaper.

You can now produce any kind of sound with the help of a computer or specified tools for making music.

Side Effects of Digital Distribution

In addition to the distribution, making money from your music as an artist is much easier now. Back then when life was all about physical, musicians' main source of income was live performances - but know you if you produce good quality music and know how to distribute you can sit home, make music and get money.

Check these numbers out. According to a study from 2016, music revenue distribution is as follows:

  • Digital platforms: %50,
  • Physical sales (CD, plak, kaset): %34,
  • Performance: %14,
  • Ads / affiliate: %2.

Long story short, internet is an equalizer and it changed the whole music game. We're lucky to have YouTube, SoundCloud, MixCloud and many other platforms so that we can upload and share our music with the world at a blink of an eye.

But before all, remember you need a good musical foundation to come up with good compositions. Thanks to the internet, as long as you have a computer and a connection, you can have access to online music lessons with musiconline! It's literally as close as a click.

Knowledge increases as it is shared!