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Success in Music

20 October 2018

Plenty of musicians are spending their time to get better at music or play an instrument better. But is simply practicing for music enough itself to improve musical skills?

As musiconline, we have put together some of the key terms in order to level up in music.

    • Starting at an Early Age

Starting music at an early age is one of the biggest advantages one can have. As we have mentioned earlier in the a previous post, journey in music starts in womb. As the structure of the body gets fit for practicing an instrument (approximately 3-4 years old), any kid is good to go! The instructor plays a key role in such case, where they have to detect the kid's talent or orientation if it exists for a specific instrument or genre. Just like picking a second language to learn, closeness to a kid's physical attributes and nature plays a huge role in getting better at an musical instrument.

Another crucial step is arranging practice sessions with the proper balance, so that the kid can be challenged for progression but also not bored by the state of over-failure. Of course, such arrangement requires a certain level of expertise and the experience of the instructor is a major factor.

What if one did not or was not able to start at an early age?

It is never too late to start learning a musical instrument and it all depends on the dedication, desired genre and the talent. Just like the chance of success is lower for those who starts certain sports after adolescence, same can be observed for certain musical instruments.

    • Constant Practice and Dedication

Practice makes it perfect. Although it is quite unlikable and unattractive, practice plays a key role in getting better at a musical instrument. All the top level artists, whether being a painter, a body performer or a musician, has a past of hours and hours of practicing. It is possible to cover up the lack of practice with talent, BUT, it is almost impossible.

Ever heard of the rule of "The 10.000 Hours"? Popularized by Malcolm Gladwell and approved by many artists, The 10.000 Hours rule claims that anyone who wants to master a certain quality or reach to a certain level of success at a desired subject should spend at least 10.000 hours spending with that subject.

    • Finishing a Music Program

Music, just like any other profession out there, requires discipline and constant attention. In order to get better at music, one should consider attending programs, enrolling in courses and get certified. Even if you consider yourself with a certain level of expertise and success, learning about a new composition and stepping up your game is always possible. Modern person is always busy with tasks and meetings and many find this as a hard step to take. But with the help of modern technology, this is easily achievable online.

    • Getting Significantly Good at a Certain Subject

Many musicians want to reach crowds with their music. Getting acknowledged or well-known at the desired task can play an important role in achieving such a goal. In a world where everything is getting industrial and everyone is getting qualified, the risk of failure gets bigger everyday. But if one is dedicated to get better at music, nothing can prevent that. And such a goal can be reached easily by getting educated. Once the musician is able to produce a quality content, the rest is dependent on how well-marketed the content is.

Whether you consider yourself as musician candidate or someone who has talent but no time, you can benefit hugely from taking music courses online. You can simply apply musiconline and get tutored by experts. It is one click away to get a global certificate and get better at music!

Everyone has a chance in music!

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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