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Vocal Exercises

12 September 2019

We mainly depend on our vocal chords to communicate with others - not only for pronunciation but also for toning. Simply spelling words out is never enough for delivering the message accurately. So the way we use our voice is crucial.

Is human voice trainable?

Definitely! It is completely possible to train voice with the right vocal exercises. The key part when choosing a vocal exercise to work with is knowing which exercise is good for what. Of course, if professional help is available that makes everything easier. Picking random exercises for a better voice can be totally harmful and you may end up with vocal injuries.

But no worries, musiconline is here to give you tips on where to start vocal training.

First off, you have to learn breath control. Diaphragm plays a huge role in having a better voice. This is not only good for better singing or talking but also sets the base for a better health.

Think about it, breath is why we live, literally. If you breath better, oxygen circulation in your body gets better and you'll live a healthier life.

A simple exercise for vocal chords is taking a deep breath, then giving it through the teeth as if you're trying to make a hissing sound. Although being able to pull long hissing sessions is the goal, you shouldn't force yourself and risk vocal chords.

Once the complete control over vocal chords is established, it's advised to start working on single notes. Generally, the workflow is moving from lower to higher tones. After successfully completing this step, complex voice progressions come into place.

When working with voice progressions, just like previous steps, one should start from easy and then move on to harder exercises. This means, you should start with progressions formed by close notes. Once you're confident with your current level, you can try a harder progression and iterate afterwards.

Of course, the reality is having a better voice is not as simple as that. It requires a much more complex and well-planned approach and one should always work with a professional to get the best results.

Luckily, you have internet! With musiconline , you can start your vocal training anywhere, any time. Starting your music career is just as close as a click!

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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