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Singing Lessons and Development of the Vocal Chords

3 November 2018

Singing is a way of using voice to produce sounds with a set tune. Human voice formed by the vibrations passed through mouth and throat. Also known as 'vocal', human voice is grouped as 6 categories by its vibration frequency: soprano, mezzosoprano, alto, tenor, baritone or bass.

Talking voice differs in a range of 1 octave for men, women and children.

Singing lessons help having a better voice, develop a compact understanding of harmony and using the vocal chords in the most efficient way. Even at the beginning, you can realize how bad it is to breathe without intention or unfocused.

Content of a typical singing lesson:
- Diction training
- Vocal exercises
- Diaphragm practice
- Tuning and emphasis
- Exercises for better voice usage
- Phonetics
- Breathing exercises
- Body exercises

Fundamental training

If the goal is to get prepared for conservatoire, drama, theater or any kind of certification program such as ABRSM or LCM, it is advised to start with solfeggio and theoretical courses.

In addition to these, talking voice, diction and diaphragm requires special and on point programs to make a progress.

How do singing lessons work?

During one-to-one classes, once the students are done with solfeggio and theory, they are given with a set of exercises starting from easiest to hardest. This helps developing a solid understanding and practice of how vocal chords work.

Piano kicks in during the next step. Students are required to produce matching notes, given by instructor with a piano. This technique helps developing an advanced understanding of notes and tunes. Students can pick and focus on specific songs during their education.

Choir practice
Although it is a group activity, an individual may decide on joining up a choir and shape its program accordingly. Once the fundamental training is done, students are categorized by their vocal type and range.

Singing lessons and musiconline
Regardless of your current level of expertise, musiconline welcomes anyone who wish to step up their singing game! With the help of experienced instructors of musiconline, you can enroll in singing classes and get trained for singing, solfeggio and theory.

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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