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Do raw eggs make the voice good?

26 December 2019

For years, drinking raw eggs is thought to clear and strengthen the vocal cords. So is it really possible to have a nicer voice with raw eggs? As musiconline, we tried to answer this question with scientific approaches.

The amino acid N-acetyl cysteine in raw eggs is thought to clear the toxins in the vocal cords and thus provide a clear voice. For this reason, many people think that the voice will improve immediately by drinking raw eggs in situations that require performance such as concerts, pre-conferences, etc. But the truth is not quite what was thought.

Our vocal cords are located at the top of the voice box, known as the larynx. This is a section of the windpipe. During swallowing, foods pushed down by the tongue and tongue root pass into the oesophagus without contact with the vocal cords, with the epiglottis and ventricular bands closing before the vocal cords. In other words, anything we eat or drink does not come into direct contact with our vocal cords unless there is a situation where nutrients escape into the windpipe. For this reason, foods such as herbal tea, honey, raw eggs do not improve our voice directly when eaten and drank. However, some foods may have positive or negative effects on the health and sound beauty of the larynx when consumed regularly. For example, lemon, wild mustard grass, etc. some herbal mouthwashes have a constricting feature of the throat, prevents thick and muffled noise. Alcohol, caffeine and similar stimulants, bitter or very spicy foods, again affect the structure of the throat. Tobacco is smoky when it is smoked and can be in direct contact with the vocal cords and the toxic substances in it can adhere to the vocal cords and reduce the sound quality.

Now let's go back to what we were really curious about. Do raw eggs affect our vocal cords?

Since nutrients do not pass directly over our vocal cords, it is not the right approach that raw eggs clean and strengthen our vocal cords. However, the amino acid N-acetyl cysteine, which is the building block of glutathione compound that purifies toxins from alcohol and cigarette smoke, can provide some benefit for clearing our throat in the long term.

The protein called avidin in raw eggs prevents the absorption of Vitamin B7, which can lead to food poisoning caused by harmful invertebrates i.e. salmonella microbe. While we're waiting for it to benefit our vocal cords, we can get bad results.

In summary, if you want to improve your voice, we recommend using different methods instead of consuming raw eggs. For this you can take a look at our article on voice beautification techniques. You can also review musiconline 's other blog posts , subscribe to our weekly newsletter and be instantly aware of our new services and articles.

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