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Famous Turkish Artists

27 December 2018

Turkey has become a cradle of global artists in recent years. Being an organization based in Turkey, musiconline proudly presents some of the best Turkish artists known all around the world.

Here is our list of famous Turkish artists based on art magazines, news and polls conducted:

  1. Fazıl Say
    Being one of the greatest artists of 21th century without a doubt, Fazıl Say is a Turkish pianist and composer. Say has many well-deserved awards from all kinds of musical organizations. Collaborating with respectable and important orchestras of United States, Europe and Asia, Fazıl Say is able to play a wide repertoire. He is able to perform Bach and Wien Classics as well as Romantic Era and his own compositions.
  2. Güher-Süher Pekinel
    Pekinel sisters are one of the highly respected piano duos globally. Their successful career is also recognized by the official state of Turkey. Having a story told in two different documentaries, Güher and Süher Pekinel are official state artists.
  3. Şefika Kutluer
    Like Pekinel sisters, Şefika Kutluer is another recognized state artist. Nicknamed as "Magical Flute" by New York City music critics, Kutluer is famous for her outstanding skill and virtuosity with the flute.
  4. Kudsi Ergüner
    Known with his pieces for Sufi music, Kudsi Ergüner is a worldwide famous Turkish ney player. Apart of his career in music, Erguner is a teacher and devotee of his "Classical Sufi" philosophy.
  5. Sertab Erener
    Already famous in Turkey, Sertab Erener took a next step in her music career by winning 48th Eurovision Contest in 2003. She represented Turkey with her beautiful and strong voice with the song "Everyway That I Can".
  6. Tarkan Tevetoğlu
    Also known as "Tarkan", Tarkan Tevetoğlu is one of the most popular Turkish singers. Back in 2003, his single called "Dudu Dudu" was chosen as "the most popular song in a foreign language" in Russia, with a revenue of 1 million US dollars.
  7. İdil Biret
    Biret was 15 when she completed her education with the first degree in Paris National Conservatory. Starting next year of her graduation, she started touring the world and collaborated with famous musicians. There is also a book written in French about Biret's life.
  8. Ferhan Şensoy
    Theater, film, television, novels, screenwriting... Ferhan Şensoy is one of those who does the best whatever he puts his hands on. His one man show "Ferhangi Şeyler" has been performed in front of 1400 people in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. He also won a "Best Foregin Screenwriter" award with his outstanding play "Ce Fou De Gogol".
  9. Serra Yılmaz
    As well as her popularity in Turkey, actress Serra Yilmaz is also a prominent in Italy. She has been invited as a jury member for Venice Film Festival in 2011. Last year, Yilmaz won the award of "Comedy Queen" in MIX Milano Festival.
  10. Mercan Dede
    Mercan Dede is an electronic music producer but don't be fooled by the stereotype of this etiquette! He blends the characteristic sound of Sufi music with Western style and creates a fusion. With 2007 release '800', Mercan Dede reached to the very top in "World Music Chart Europe" in April 2008.

Once again we are proud to see Turkish artists flourish and contribute to the world with their music, performance, ideas and stories.

"A nation without the art is a nation without a vital vein."
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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