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Classical Music for Focusing

25 April 2019

Modern day is all about efficiency and productivity. We are looking every way to enhance these qualities and classical music is thought to be one of the most efficient tools for the job.

There've been a lot going in scientific community about the topic. The results generally indicate that classical music is a good choice while focusing on a specific task.

According to a research, led by Dr. Chakravarthi Kanduri in Helsinki University, Finland, individuals who listen to classical music while working did better in terms of cognitive activity.

There is also a study, from Oxford University, which shows that listening to classical music helps reducing blood pressure. In the study, participants are provided with high-tempo music like pop, rock, techno or rap and low-tempo classical music. The results showed that the ones who were listening to classical music had significantly lower pressure.

Classical music helps us getting out of depression, anxiety and stressful mindset in general due to its nature. It enhances the secretion of dopamine, also known as the 'happiness hormone', and individuals who listens to classical music are generally happier!

One of the highly respected French science person Dr. Alfred Tomatis, states that our ears are like a key, opening the chest - in this case chest is being the brain. According to Tomatis, when electrical energy goes down in our brains it causes inability to focus. Of course this far-from-scientific statement is only for making things easier.

Music and our brains are connected, we are already aware of it. But Tomatis takes a step further and states that music that are rich in frequencies between 5000 and 8000 are great for recharging the brain. This phenomena is also called as "Mozart effect", named after one of the greatest names of classical music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart since his compositions are the ones that satisfies this condition at its best.

Long story short, to have a calmer mind, better focus and greater happiness is easier to achieve with the help of classical music. Music in general, is great supportive tool for better psychology.

Here are some of our favorite classical music pieces to listen to while working; “Mozart- Lacrimosa, Schubert- Serenade, Erik Satie- Gnossienne No.1, Chopin- Spring Waltz ”. and a Spotify playlist, curated by musiconline !

Stay with music :)

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