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is it hard to read musical notes?

27 July 2019

Reading notes is a topic that divides the music world. Some people are considered to be essential, while some circles argue that reading music is not a requirement for good music.

Where's the music, musiconline there :) We have something to say about this.

Before we talk about whether it is difficult, easy or necessary to read notes, we need to understand what music notes do.

Sheet music is used to immortalize a composition and transfer it to other musicians. The symbols on the note sheet tell the musician what sound they should make when. In fact, the notes in music are a guide especially for beginners.

Sheet music is the alphabet of music. Just like the language we speak, it is possible to speak and explain our problems without knowing how to read or write. But it is necessary to know how to write and encourage reading in order to leave works that can protect itself against the abrasive power of time.

Let's take a look at the most basic information needed to read notes.


The place on the notes is called staff. Each note in the staff, or rather every sound, has a specific place.
At this point you need to open a bracket. Although there are 7 basic notes in music, the number of sounds that can actually be shown is much higher than the sound ranges.

For example, the notation of two “Do” sounds in different sound ranges cannot be the same. Because even if they are “Do”, they are different because they are in different sound ranges. If you're confused, you can immediately check out the following image:

musical notes

Treble Clef, Bass Clef, C Clef

You can express multiple sound ranges using a 5-line porte - but this will not be useful. To make this easier, different ranges are expressed by treble, bass and tenor keys.
These keys are also called treble, f, and c keys because of the starting note of the range they represent.

Making Music Without Reading Notes

'Making Music' is meant to bring together harmonious sounds.

As mentioned above, you don't need musical knowledge to make music or write a song. For example, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain and many other world-famous musicians have risen in their musical careers without the knowledge of reading notes.

However, in today's world where almost everything consists of speed, it is a powerful tool to compose faster, produce faster music, and use the time more effectively when writing songs. Life will be much easier if you know which word to use to tell your story.

Learning to Read Notes

Fortunately, thanks to evolving technology, there is no need to run from school to school to learn music theory or note reading. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. With musiconline, you can benefit from online music lessons anywhere, anytime and even start your music career right now.

Once you want to start music, the music is as close to you as a click!

Knowledge increases as it is shared!