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What Is Ukulele?

12 October 2019

As musiconline, in our article today we will look at ukulele, which is considered as simple compared to other instruments but can create beautiful timbre to admire. We are sure that everyone who has listened to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s What a Wonderful World piece is interested in this instrument more or less. Without wasting time, let’s learn together what makes this instrument so special.

Technically Ukulele

Although ukulele is usually made out of wood; but it is also possible to find ukuleles made out of plastic or other materials. The quality of wood used in the construction of a Ukulele varies from expensive solid wood such as cheap plywood, laminate wood and mahogany. Musicians who use this instrument professionally prefer traditional ukuleles made of acacia. The tone of a ukulele depends on its size and structure, but the device is usually of four sizes; soprano, concert, tenor and baritone.
Ukuleles usually resemble a small acoustic guitar in shape, but they can also be found in non-standard shapes, such as square ukulele, boat wings, pineapple ukulele, because manufacturers make them in various ways. Over time, instruments and other string instruments, which are hybrids of ukulele, began to be produced, which we can call banjolele, kiku and banjo uke.

Historically Ukulele

Ukulele which emerged at the end of the 19th century was found when Portuguese immigrants in Madeira and Cape Verde were trying to develop familiar instruments. Ukulele mainly based on Portuguese machete and it emerged with the other mixed small stringed instruments such as cavaquinho, timple and rajao. The introduction of such instruments and the origin of Ukulele in Hawaiian culture dates back to the end of August 1879.

The Difference between Ukulele and Guitar

It is an undeniable fact that ukulele is more like a guitar than other instruments. But what separates two instruments that are so similar? Guitars usually have six strings, while Ukulele has four. Guitars are made of nylon or steel string but ukuleles can only be made of nylon . The guitar has more range than a ukulele can do - a ukulele capable of descending almost two full octaves from the ground.
Ukulele also tends to be much smaller and easier to play than guitars. Ukuleles have fewer strings, so they can be played with less notes, which make it a little easier for anyone new to music to master. On the other hand, it is known that most people who already play a larger string instrument like guitar, have no difficulty playing ukulele because of their high skills.

If something more or less appear in your mind, maybe your first job is to get a ukulele. ? If you get frightened of learning this enjoyable instrument, we have great news for you. musiconline will soon be here with our ukulele online course service.

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