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Songs for Kids

20 April 2019

Our kids – our future! We can’t let them grow without music. Even thinking about this, it hurts our brains and hearts, of course. As each age has its own beauty, the beauty of the songs suitable for that age is different…

As musiconline, in this blog post special for the week of April 23, we have discussed how to choose the type of music and songs suitable for our children.

What should be considered when choosing suitable songs for children?

For the answer to the question, you can first take a look at our music genres post.

Music enters the life of the child from the mother's womb and ear development begins. While some mothers sleep their babies with the works of classicalists such as Bach, Mozart, some prefer new age, lounge, or even fancy music genres. Some parents can then direct children to choose an instrument from the age of 3. With the physical development of the child, it is much easier to learn how to play an instrument and improve his ear by listening to the right music. We have also mentioned this in our previous blog post .

The genre of music that our children listen to affects their imagination, improvisation and production ability. For this reason, we have divided the songs that he can listen to into two types.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music is the type of music which anyone, at any age can listen. In fact, it is the type of music that everyone should listen!

Since they don't have any layers of vocals, they can be perceived as 'basic'. But, there are many instrumental pieces, being as complex as songs with lyrics.

One may relate instrumental music with orchestra, symphony or concertos. We would like to remind that classical music is not the only genre for instrumental songs. Today, instrumental musical pieces are generally composed by virtuosos. For those who doesn't know, a virtuoso is a person who has mastered a musical instrument.

Electronic music is also another genre that a lot of songs without lyrics are composed. To be honest, most electronic songs without lyrics are not as sophisticated as those which are composed by virtuosos - but they are still worth to listen. Techno, Trance and House are considered as the most popular electronic music sub-genres.

Songs With Lyrics

As the name indicates, these are songs with... Lyrics. Songs with lyrics is a delicate topic when choosing songs for children.

The reason is simple: each lyric is a story in its own. Which story would you like to have your kid be listening to? What kind of emotions would you like your kid to be subject to? These are striking questions. Yes the world is not just about sunshine and rainbows. But this doesn't mean that you should make your kid listen to depressive songs!

Long story short, you should be choosing positive songs for your kid.

Another technical advice we could give is: choose songs that are composed in major scales. According to a recent research, listening to songs composed in major scales on the long run increases IQ points!

Hold on... What is major scale? Well, to be able to fully understand this question, you should be somewhat familiar with music theory :)

To summarize, music has no age , but the genre has its age ? Today is the best day to support the development of our children and to open up their own music by choosing one or more of them! Remember,  as the twig is bent, so grows the tree. ?

In addition to the points we mentioned above, we add our spotify list below, which consists of songs that you can listen to your children with peace of mind.

Stay with music.

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