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Voice Beautification Techniques

30 November 2019

Almost all of us want to have a beautiful voice for both social and professional reasons. In this article, as musiconline, we tried to answer frequently asked questions such as “What are the techniques of voice beautification, what should we do to beautify our voice, what should we pay attention to?”

There are a number of genetic and environmental factors that cause voice to voice beautiful or ugly. In addition to genetic factors such as the length of the vocal cords, lip structure, teeth, nutrition routine, bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, and environmental factors such as vocal exercises also affect the voice positively or negatively.

Is there a way to beautify our voice?

There are many different ways to enhance voice. If we gather these under the main headings,

  • Voice and breathing exercises
  • Right eating habits
  • Vocal cord surgery
  • Singing Lessons

Voice and Breathing Exercises

The most important point in voice training is to learn to breathe correctly, to breathe diaphragm. In fact, we always take the breath into our lungs, which is important is to use the diaphragm muscle correctly. If we're breathing, not our stomach, but our rib cage is swelling, then we're breathing wrong. We have to put our hands on our stomachs to check that our diaphragm area is swollen.

In breathing exercise, we need to take the breath out of our nose quickly and let the air out slowly. We should aim to keep the air inside us more at each next exercise.

You can practice our 4-step voice exercise

    • Breathe opening

Breathe through your nose. Then let the air out by making “ssss” sounds. Take a deep breath.

    • Breath control

Breathe through the nose again. Try to give the “bbuu” sound by shaking your lips. Then take deep breaths.

    • Conscious voice extraction

Breathe through the nose. Make a “mmm" sound. Feel the vibration in your upper teeth.

    • Managing voice gaps

Breathe through the nose. Try to sound “iiiiii” using the vowels (A,e,o,u,i). Keep trebling and thickening. Make sure the voice comes from your nasal cavity.

Right Eating Habits

  • As always, it is very important to consume plenty of water. It keeps our vocal cords moist just as it clears the airway.
  • Smoking is the archenemy of our vocal cords. It thickens the voice. With the toxic substances in the vocal cords by sticking to the voice quality, deteriorates the vocal cords.
  • Caffeine and alcohol are known to dry the vocal cords. After caffeine and alcohol consumption, enough water should be consumed.
  • It is perhaps the oldest known method for beautifying the voice of raw eggs. The N-acetyl cysteine amino acid in it cleanses the toxins in the vocal cords and makes a clear sound.

Vocal Cord Surgery

Voice surgeries are often performed without cuts. Laser, botox or a few stitches can also be done with an easy operation. During surgery, the patient can decide by hearing his or her voice. It is an operation that takes about half an hour.

Singing Lessons

Singing lessons have been studied under many subheadings such as diction training, intonation and emphasis, aperture studies, phonetic studies. The exercises require patience and work must be done on a subject. With singing lessons, we can educate ourselves about using our voice consciously and accurately.

You can make a start with our previously published article ‘Vocal Cords Development and Singing Lessons’. It is not impossible to have a beautiful voice. With a little patience, the right habits, natural methods or surgical intervention, you can get a beautiful voice.

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