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How to Get a Better Voice

22 November 2018

One of the most heated topic debates nowadays is; can anybody sing?

Many people think they don't have the voice for singing and getting driven away from music nowadays. However, what we call voice an output of vocal chords and just like every other muscle group in our body, it can be trained to do better. As musiconline, we decided to share some secrets with you.

Human voice has long been a good question for studies. A state of consensus, reached by both musical and scientific communities are so far, indicates there are two main aspects of vocal chords.
First and foremost, genetics. It shapes the very physical form of chords, mouth and teeth leading to what we call as voice. Genetics shape your initial voice.

Can you improve and overcome any genetics setbacks?

Second aspect of the human voice is training. Especially vocal chords benefits from training during early ages in a tremendous way.

At the end it is a mixture of both. With modern technology and the knowledge we have accumulated over the years clearly shows that voice can get better by training. Vocal training is used by many people and works evidently.

It may be taking a closer look to the word "better" in terms of music in our day. Beauty is far from being an objective term and a better voice for some person may not be attractive for another one. So when we mean "having a better voice", we want to say "learning to user your voice in the way that you want".

Having a better voice starts from breathing. There are definitely specific programs and "breath therapies" out there, but a singing class would always be the best choice. Singing classes are purely based on diaphragm exercises and any voice can benefit hugely.

Of course there is always another way. Alternative medicine has been trying to find practical solutions to improve human life for years. One of the suggestions made by those who works in this field is, consuming a raw egg every morning. This is especially believed to be beneficial for hitting higher notes. It is free to experiment but also can be dangerous! Always keep your food fresh and clean.

There is also a proper medical choice. Surgical operation to vocal chords are being performed in recent years to arrange the very physical placement and shape of vocal chords. Such operations are crucial so if you are considering to get one, make sure you do your own research.

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Knowledge increases as it is shared!