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The Songs of Autumn

10 October 2019

A season that dozens of poems and lyrics have been written; autumn… Don’t you want to the music to accompany you when we take our coffee as we watch the leaves starting to turn into yellow with the light breeze that makes you feel from the first day of September? :)

As we mentioned in our article about the songs that herald the spring, mid seasons affect us psychologically and physiologically. Based on the influence of music during these transition times, we have found and listed the songs for you, which will not be conspicuous by summer’s absence, but heralding the winter. In the list we have prepared; there are many different kinds of music from classical music to dream pop. As musiconline, we wanted to share with you few lyrics from these songs in this article.

Come on, let’s enjoy this beautiful season with these sweet autumn songs on the background that will wipe our ears’ rust.

Skeeter Davis – The end of the world
Why does the sun go on shining?
Why does the sea rush to shore?
Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?
‘Cause you don’t love me anymore.

Eva sur Seine – Une Belle Histoire
It’s a beautiful novel
It's a beautiful story
It’s a romance of today
He was going home, up there from the fog
She was going down into the Midi, the Midi.

Teoman - Autumn in Istanbul
Whenever seasonal winds blow
Then I will remember
My childhood dreams, my devil kites
My mother kisses me on my cheeks
In a beautiful dream
It’s like my loved ones are still alive.

Eric Clapton – Diamonds Made from Rain
If the promises are kept
I’ll waive all of my regrets
I can say I’ve overcome
With you, my heart is open.

You can find the full list below.
Stay with music!

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