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Background Music

18 September 2018

One of the most fascinating things about music is that it has a mysterious power to influence our behavior. Music, particularly our emotions, has a unique potential to influence our acting impulses. Especially, the music playing in the background when we are not even aware of has been the subject of many studies.

Some recent research support this claim. Whether we are aware or not, we are all impressed by the music through specific and meaningful channels. For example, in a study that shows this situation very well, it was seen that French wine sales increased dramatically in the days when French music played in a supermarket. More importantly, when asked about the connection between buying and the French music, most consumers have said that they were not even aware that French music played in the background.

As a result of another research, it has come to a conclusion that background music has increased the productivity of many workers, especially in repetitive works. This is because music helps us to focus on the work at hand in the boring and routine periods. It can also enable us to do better and more creative work than we normally do by increasing our level of alertness.

On the other hand, music can also help by inspiring us psychologically and put us in a positive mindset. Another example of works done in this subject is; countrywide teachers to play inspirational music in the background and tell the lesson in that way. Surprisingly, it has been found that the success rate of the students, who have received education in this way, have increased at a noticeable level. You can access other influences of music on the human spirit and psychology in our previous blog posts.

Apparently, music does not lose its magic even if we do not realize it. Of course, let’s not forget that some types of music may be disturbing during complex tasks that require focus. However, at this point, experts give us a few clues; for example, results of choosing instrumental music during memorization-based work seem more productive than working without music. In another case, the works in your native language can lead to a loss of attention by creating word confusion while you are working. In other words, it may be more beneficial for you to listen to foreign songs while you are studying Turkish works.

While influences of the music that is playing in the background and you are not aware of are on such a big scale, learning musical instruments and more about music can provide you great benefits. If you are interested in learning an instrument but do not know where to start, online music lesson will be a great jumping-off point for you. Even if you are experienced, you can take your talents to the next level with online music lessons and develop your skills. In addition to being affordable and useful, you can also increase your efficiency by taking advantage of the valuable psychological benefits outlined above.

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