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29 August 2019

Listening to music, playing instruments .. In short, it is a pleasant thing to be interested in music. But there are confusing aspects, especially for beginners. When you say the note, the key, the theory, the lesson, you can find yourself in a big mess.

The modern people’s life is fast and we have to catch up. Spending time between work, power and running is sometimes more troublesome than we thought. Nevertheless, we are fortunate to live in an age where electronics developed so much, the internet offers us a great opportunity for our hobbies, where we want to devote time but cannot find time.

Online music lessons are not only for those who want to start music, for everyone who is interested in music. Until a few years ago, while music education was physically acceptable, electronic classes are more practical because they are easily accessible and flexible.

As long as there is a computer and internet connection, almost everyone can access the information and the lesson they want. Especially Google and YouTube is a unique platform for those who want to expand their horizons with the increasing variety of content in recent years.

When it comes to music; Turkey's first online music academy in the musiconline which is among the options!

musiconline 's teachers are waiting for their students who want to learn music of all ages. musiconline also prepares you for music certificate programs, as well as theory, instrument and solfeggio courses.

If you want to get ABRSM , London College Of Music and Suzuki Music Education certificates, our experienced teachers are with you. You don't need more than a computer and internet connection to take lessons on the internet!

We are waiting for you to join our free trial classes and enjoy learning instruments from anywhere!

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