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The Art of Singing

20 December 2018

Whether it is learning or playing a musical instrument or singing human body benefits in a great way from spending time with music. Although this may sound like a personal experience, it is backed up by science and various studies.

We have previously covered how music affects our psychology and brain.
Recent studies shows that singing also have positive effects on human body. According to recent studies, singing or training to sing improved the condition of those who had neurological disorders.

According to a study started in 2010, the negative effects of disorders like Parkinson's, Autism, stuttering and some brain lesions can be reduced with the help of singing. In couple rare cases, singing helped fully recovering.

Same study indicates several other positive effects of singing:

    • Singing improved cardiovascular system. It also helped autoimmune system disorders to get better.
    • Singing regularly helped overall physical fitness of patients.
    • Singing regularly helped lung damage decrease.
    • Singing helped in having better diction and fixing spelling disorders.

One claim is that ancient people already knew the benefits of singing. This is based on singing figures which appears to be in stone cravings and written scripts about healing techniques from old times.

Besides all of the above, singing improves to build confidence. Especially for introverted kids, singing or joining to a choir is a great way to overcome social anxieties and problems.

With musiconline , you can kick off your singing training anytime you want. With our personal methods and experienced instructors, you can swiftly step up your music game!

It's the internet age. You are one click away to get better at music. We would like to end our blog with our favorite phrase:

There is no such thing as bad voice. There is only lack of vocal training.

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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