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Music’s Influence on Our Brains

2 October 2018

Dealing with music; develops many mental functions such as perception, learning, memory, comprehension and emotion.

Relaxing, being happy and feeling better when listening to a music you love is the clearest example of the direct impact of music on the brain. Music is not only the basis of the soul, it also feeds the intelligence.

    • Music affects our perception of the environment!

Music has a great effect on individuals' perception of the environment. In a study conducted by the Music Mind and Brain (MSC) group, individuals had first shown an unresponsive face. 
You find that people who listened to sad music saw this unresponsive face in a sad way whereas people who listened to fun and joyful music saw this face happily. 
This research is a striking example of how music affects our perception of the environment.

    • How does our preferences in music affect our brains?

Research has shown that listening to the music that people love has a strong influence on their brains. In a study in which the effects of the music of the people on the brain were observed by the FMRI (magnetic resonance scanning) technique, it was observed that the brain activities increased in a part that takes part in activities such as thinking, empathy and awareness. Besides, listening to your favorite songs also strengthen the connections in the areas of the auditory brain parts and memory. Our interaction with music creates strong and positive effects in different parts of the brain.

    • Mozart Effect!

In the simplest terms, The Mozart Effect can be defined as the positive effect of classical music on people. Studies on Mozart Effect’s positive influence on development of intelligence in children and adults have accelerated in 1990s and these studies have increased since. The positive effect of the Mozart Effect on the brain of people of all ages is noteworthy.

    • The child's brain develops faster with music education!

In our previous article, we mentioned the positive effect of music in early childhood. After two years of research at the Institute of Brain and Creativity at the University of Southern California; people in early childhood, Brain development is accelerated for people in early childhood since they are affected by music and music education, Also, language development, voice, reading ability and speech perception are also positively affected.

  • Online Music Lessons!

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Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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