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Music, Body and Psychology

27 August 2018

Listening to music; it has a potential to increase physical activities, recover temper and psychology and deal with health issues.

The influence of music on human health and psychology has been the subject of many scientific articles and studies. Even more, many studies emphasize that music has an influence not only on people but also on all living things.

These influences of music on all living creatures are not a new finding, music has been used in the history of human since ancient times as alternative medicine. In fact, we know that music has been used in past to relieve aches, fight against cancer and eliminate psychological problems.
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The baby, who is still in the mother’s womb, begins to listen to her mother’s voice and surrounding voices with the beginning of development in her sensory organs. In early periods, mother’s heart beat rhythm is the first melody, music that the child hears. Such that, the heart rhythms of mother that change in moments such as anger, sadness and excitement affect the child in the same way.
The child begins to listen to and perceive the sounds of surroundings from the last moments in the mother’s womb to early puberty. It is thought that loud-voiced fighting and rock-metal songs affects child psychology in the early stages in a negative way and causes child to be crusty and aggressive. Therefore, experts advise that children should be listened to waltz-rhythm songs and classical music.

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What is happening in our body while we are listening to music?

The physiological effects of music on our bodies depend on multiple factors such as music’s genre, rhythm and melody. When a person listens to his/her favorite music, these following changes occur in body physically and emotionally:

    • The amount of blood and oxygen that goes to the brain increases, implicitly the power of thinking and operational capability are increased.
    • Music increases the secretion of endorphins and serotonin hormones in the body, therefore it stimulates the sensation of calmness and happiness, reduces stress.
    • Reduces muscle tension, improves skeletal-muscle coordination and decreases cramps.

What does music do to our soul, what are the psychological effects?

Music not only has positive physiological effects in body but also has effects on the mental health and psychology. If we are going to generalize, high-tempo songs with a high of 150 or more in a minute and positive lyric help you to spend the day feeling more energetic and better.

If we look at some specific genres:

  • Pop: It is the most preferred type of music in almost every region of the world. Research have shown that people prefer pop style during their effortful works. In short, it has effects on person such as helping to get out of an anger situation, spending valuable time and happiness.
  • Rock/Metal: Although it is not generalized, it is foreseen as the kind of music that has the least positive contribution for psychology. It can create a thought of loneliness in a person or it can create self-harm and hurting impulse that lead to exhibit negative behaviors.
  • Classical: It addresses to the right lobe of the brain. It creates a feeling of hope, love and pleasure in person. It is frequently used to remedy anxiety disorder. If it is listened to person during activities such as painting and dancing, productivity can be increased.
  • Jazz: It addresses to the left lobe of the brain. It can enhance creativity, thinking and mathematical operation ability. It is said to have a positive effect on IQ.
  • Hip-Hop: It revives a sense of movement. Since it has many versions with negative phrases, it can lead to suicidal and harmful impulses.
  • Finally, according to the Daily Mail’s statement, "Don’t Stop Me Now(Queen)" was chosen as the song that gives you the best feeling of the past 50 years. The list is followed by "Dancing Queen(Abba)" and "Good Vibrations(The Beach Boys)".
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