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8d music

19 October 2019

When it comes to immersive music, the first thing that comes to mind lately is 8D music. It appeared a few years ago and has been heard by more and more people since the first few tracks were published online on YouTube.

"So, what exactly is this 8D music craze? Let's start explaining without losing time."

When you put on your headphones, 8D music puts you in the middle of the movement and gives you a euphoric feeling that surrounds you. Vocals, rhythms, all guitars move around your head from one side of your head to another, offering an extra-bodied experience for many of us that is unlike anything you've ever heard before.

People who produce these songs, especially sound engineers, say that finding the right balance of movement and atmosphere in 8D sounds are subjective and will have a different effect on every audience. So we think that we can understand that many of the comments are different.

Virtual Reality, which is one of the most used fields of 8D, is also one of the ones that took its share from this business. It opens up a new type of VR (Virtual Reality) for your hearing senses that react to your head movements. Imagine that you immerse yourself in a virtual concert environment with 8-dimensional sounds that revolve around you, even the imagination is exciting.

After mentioning that we are looking forward to future studies in this field, let's talk a little bit about the discourses that everyone who searches on Google or heard from friends at least once about 8D music. Well, assuming we all know that we all live on the same wavelength, we can be sure that the term 8D can't be true. The world in which we live can only be three-dimensional in line with the possibilities. (3D). The explanation of our designation 8D has been explained by some as that the sound appears futuristic, and by some that the sound is directed in eight different directions (left, right, front, back, front left, front right, back left and back right). But none of these thoughts are proven things, unfortunately. So, although 8D music gives a feeling that a sound is spinning and circulating in our heads, it is still an inevitable fact that it is still in 3D.

We seem to hear you say,

"What's going on with 7D, 9D, 10D and even 11D?"

Yes, we are sorry to say that these figures are actually the terms that are made up by marketing executives who are looking for new slogans to attract customers completely, as many of us guess. It is obvious that they are successful.

It is possible to reach 8D songs of different qualities in many existing channels. We have shared some of the best 8D music examples of 8D TUNES, which has been one of the most admired channels since its first release.

Arctic Monkeys – Do I wanna know?

Twenty One Pilots – Stressed out

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