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Music and Work

13 November 2018

Music has significant importance for some during work time. The big question is, how does listening to music affect performance? Does it enhance focus or distract us? Let's find out!

We have previously mentioned how music affects our body, psychology and emotions.

Effects of listening to music while working varies for each and every person. Being argued over for a long time, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. But, there are some observations and information about the topic!

Listening to music while learning new stuff:
This is highly dependent on the individual's work style and theme. But, it is highly possible that your ability to grasp new information while listening to music will not be at the nearest possible location to your potential. The reason behind such assumption is, human brain scans its memory backwards while learning new information and such action is either slowed down or prevented totally by music.

It may be similar during studying. A newly-heard musical piece triggers dopamine release and therefore it gets harder and harder to focus on your study material. This is not gibberish! These are the outcomes of the most recent experiment conducted on the topic. Four different groups of attendants were asked to study in different environments and take a test out of the studied subject. The only successful group was the one which studied in the most quiet room.

Listening to music while working in a noisy environment:
Depending on the intensity of the noise, listening to music while working may help in keeping stress level under control. Being stressed affects focus negatively so the less stressed you are, the more likely focused you will be. For noisy environments, listening to instrumental pieces can play a key role to focus better.

Listening to music while performing a routine task:
If the task you're dealing with is a routine for your brain, listening to music can help greatly. Listening to pieces with a high tempo can even help you finish your work with a faster pace.

Listening to music before a work or study session:
If you are about to start working or studying in a quiet environment, listening to music right before the session is the best way to benefit from listening to music. It raises serotonine levels and gives you the confidence and the motivation to deal with whatever task you are about to deal with.

Some states that listening to prominent classical figures like Mozart helps building a prolonged focus, spatial awareness and better work performance.

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