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Vocal Structure

14 February 2019

Your favorite singer does not have a beautiful voice merely by coincidence. It takes great effort and determination to sing like a professional. Various singing techniques and breath exercises are also musts of singing better.

Everybody has different vocal skills and a vocal range. Some may easily hit higher notes, also known as "head voice", or make use of a strong diaphragm to stay at a specific note for a long time.

Regardless of the discipline you choose, each and every single vocal technique requires a fundamental understanding on how vocal chords works and how we "sing".

There are three main aspects of singing better: breath, vocal chords and posture. Think of your mouth and vocal chords as a complex machine. This machine's output, the sound you'd like to achieve, is mainly determined by its input, the way you inhale. To make your chords vibrate in the way you aim, you should have the proper posture and mouth position.

Although there are numerous techniques and exercises for vocals, two of them are way more popular compared to other ones;

  • Diaphragm Vocal Technique:

Diaphragm is a muscle located right under your lungs. It is typically something you forget to notice in everyday life, but pretty useful in singing! You can control your breath with using your diaphragm and even achieve "head voice" with this technique. Many singers define the upper limit of their vocal range by the note they reach with head voice.

  • Chest Voice Vocal Technique:

You enhance the breath you take for a better vocal performance. It is a common practice to take a big, strong breath to manipulate later on. Other practices like meditation, pilates and physical exercises may improve singing.

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