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YouTube Premium & YouTube Music

17 October 2019

YouTube, which has been appealing to audiences for a long time with its independent video content, is here with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, a new application for music and videos it contains. You can be included in a paid subscription system for music and content videos that are ad-free, downloadable and continue to play in the background.

About 15 months ago, on May 17, 2018, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium became available in the USA, Europe and started to serve for Turkey on July 17, 2019.

YouTube that has almost every kind of content that comes to mind like food, make-up, science and technology news, culture and art events, competition and game videos presents its own contents on his new service called YouTube Originals.

What is the difference of this new application from YouTube?

  • YouTube Premium that offers users the opportunity to enjoy music-videos that are downloadable and without ads uninterruptedly has introduced YouTube Music with its features of music playlists, audio and clip switching, automatic download of up to 500 songs from your favourite playlists (Currently for Android) as a new competitor to the competition of Apple Music vs. Spotify. One of the problems faced by users in our 'Listening to Music on YouTube' article, the issue of interrupting the music while the screen was off, also disappeared with YouTube Music.
  • YouTube managers, all of these user-friendly features after a month trial period continue to offer music lovers for a month of 16.99 TL. YouTube Premium and YouTube Music hosts Apple Music’s and Spotify’s family packet policy, for these packages after the trial period of 20.99 pounds per month and then allows up to five people. Thus, it offers the advantage of enjoying more economical content compared to the individual package.
  • Considering those who can’t give up background music when they are at a desk, YouTube does not only serve on the mobile application but also on the desktop application. In YouTube Premium, which sometimes saves us the trouble of searching for songs and videos that we don’t remember the name or the artist and the songs we remember just some lyrics and videos we have in mind, you can easily find the song that you always keep on saying the lyrics and watch the video.
  • This application also offers you songs and music genres compiled with other songs that you may like. As a trend hunter, YouTube doesn’t stop letting you know about popular new genres by customizing this mission in its new app.

With the applications that have become indispensable in the digital age, it is very easy to enjoy watching more songs, more music and content videos you are curious about. We recommend you to check out 'Apple Music vs. Spotify', which we compared in our previous articles in this new range of apps where YouTube Premium and YouTube Music are new.

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