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Songs Of Loneliness


We think that the best medicine is music in these days, when the feeling of loneliness is a little more dominant when the weather is cold; autumn and  retro are here. As musiconline, this week, we have listed songs that can accompany us when we want to be alone or when we are alone, at home, on walks or on travels. 


At the top of our list is the famous British pop music group; Wasting my Young Years from London Grammar.

"I'm wasting my young years

It doesn't matter if

I'm chasing old ideas

It doesn't matter if."


The next song is from the American rock band, The Neighborhood; R.I.P 2 My Youth.

"Sweet little baby in a world full of pain

I gotta be honest, I don't know if I could take it

Everybody's talking, but what's anybody saying?

Mama said if I really want to, then I can change, yeah yeah."


Alternative music group Hedonutopia and from his 3rd album; the song titled İsimsiz (Untitled) is our next suggestion.

Aklına geldiğinde

(When you think)

Gözler bir gördüğünde

(When eyes see one)

Toprağı öldüğünde

(When the land dies)

Işıktı yağmuru

(Light was the rain)

Aklı sende kaldı

(It took the mind from you)"


Next is Bul Beni (Find me)  with Sedef Sebüktekin and Canozan duet.

“Bul beni,

(Find me)

Nefesin kesilinceye kadar uğraş

(Try until you're out of breath)

Hadi, bul beni artık.

(Come on, find me..)”


And, we end our list with Cem Adrian's dramatic song, Yalnızlık (Loneliness) .

“Yalnızlık çağının kalbi kırık çocukları

(Heartbroken children of the age of loneliness)

Yalnızlık o simsiyah ellerinde

(Loneliness in those jet black hands)

Yalandan ninnileriyle büyütüyor bizi.

(He grows us up with his lie lullabies)”

Of course, the songs that can accompany our lonely moments are not limited to this list. You can also suggest a song to our series, which will continue. For this, it is enough to share your song with #listentomusiconline  hashtag by tagging us on our Instagram account .

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Stay with music and health.


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