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September Songs

19 September 2020

We are getting ready to leave another season behind. We can say that September is the month of new beginnings and excitements… In these days, when the hot weather is losing its power slowly, as musiconline we have looked at September, which is the subject of many songs, and its musical impact. Enjoy your reading!


Covid-19, the opening of schools, those who go on vacation, those who stay at home... We can say that we have found ourselves in September 2020. After a very fast and eventful winter, spring and summer, we approached the autumn that awaits us and the month of September, which we have been in the first days, with a musical point of view. Let's examine the influence of this new month on music and the songs in question, which also deeply affect composers.

At the top of the chart is Green Day's soulful song Wake Me Up When September Ends .

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends
Ring out the bells again
Like we did when spring began
Wake me up when September ends.

At number two of our list is JP Cooper's romantic and energetic song: September Song

You were my September song, summer lasted too long
Time moves so slowly when you're only fifteen
You were my September song, tell me where have you gone?
Do you remember me, we were only fifteen.

We can say that our next song is proof that September is the month of new beginnings.

Barry White - September When I First Met You

Oh what a day it was
Everything was so clear
There's something about that day
I could feel it in the air
Ooh Suddenly I knew
Why I felt that way
The moment I laid eyes on you.

James Taylor also talks about the beauty of September: September Grass

Well, the sun's not so hot
In the sky today
And you know I can see
Summertime slipping on away.
A few more geese are gone,
A few more leaves turning red,
But the grass is as soft
As a feather in a featherbed.

A song befitting September, from Pinhani; Eylül (September)

Üç beş ay sonra belki her şey düze çıkar (In three or five months, maybe everything will be right)
Kalan sağlar birlikte kurtulurlar (Let the rest survive together)
Ben bi yelkovan akrebimse güneşle ay (I'm a vane, and the sun and the moon are the other vane)
Geçen her gün bir çizgiyle karşımda (Every day I face a line)
Ay doğar güneş doğar (The moon rises the sun rises)
Ve ay yeniden doğar biter bi gün daha (And the moon is born again and one more day ends)
Uyur tüm insanlar mışıl mışıl. (All people sleep soundly)

An ageless song of Bülent Ortaçgil about surprises, excitement, and coincidences; Eylül Akşamı (September Evening)

Hiçbir neden yokken,(For no reason)
Ya da biz bilmezken tepemiz atmış ve konuşmuşuzdur.(Or maybe we got angry and talked when we didn't know)
Onca neden varken (There were all those reasons)
Ve tam sırası gelmişken (And speaking of which)
Hiçbir şey yapmamış (Nothing done)
Ve susmuşuzdur... (And we're silent)
Aynı anda aynı sessiz geceye doğru (Towards the same silent night at the same time)
İçim sıkılıyor demişizdir (We said we were bored)
Aynı sabaha uyanırken (Waking up the same morning)
Kim bilir (Who knows)
Aynı düşü görmüşüzdür (We've had the same dream)
Olamaz mı? (Couldn't be?)
Olabilir. (Could be)

Loves, encounters have a different color in September: Alpay- Eylül’de Gel (Come in September)

Okul yolu sensiz (School road without you)
Ölüm kadar sessiz (Quiet as death)
Geçtim o yoldan dün (I passed that road yesterday)
İçim doldu hüzün (My sadness expired)
Yapraklar solarken (As the leaves fade)
Adını anarken (Remembered your name)
Bekletme ne olur (Please don’t make me wait)
Gelmek zamanı, (It's time to come)
Gel.(You come)
Yok, yok, yok (No, no, no)
Gitme, gitme gel.(Don't go, don't go, come on)
Eylül’de gel. (Come in September)

As musiconline , we have listed September songs this week. If you want to suggest a song or topic for us, we want you to know that we consider every idea ?

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