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Play for the Nature

5 January 2019

Play for the Nature is a music project, started by Fırat Çavaş and users. It aims to raise an awareness on critical issues like global warming, pollution and the inorganic lifestyle we, as humans, impose.

The main squad behind the project tours whole Turkey and meet with different musicians to make a collage from footages of instrument playing or singing.

The movement is similar to US based Playing for Change. Being created by producer and audio engineer Mark Johnson, Playing for Change also aims to tackle the same issues. Since it is the first-comer and tailored for global audience, it is fair to say that Playing for Change is more successful compared to Play for the Nature.

However, Play for the Nature is totally local. The first project focused on the song "Divane Aşık Gibi" with the voluntary help of 45 unique musicians. The video of the project has been viewed more than 13 million times on YouTube.

The songs are crucial, so that it can touch anyone who listens to or watches the final product. The chosen song is recored by other artists of different genres like Rock, Jazz, Folk etc. Such technique gives the product a whole new character.

Play for the Nature excels at the scenes they use in their movie clips.

As musiconline , we proudly support the project "Play for the Nature" and congratulate every single person who is a part of the movement. We indeed need to reconsider our way of living and thoughts of life and get better with mother nature.

Here is a sample work of the project , Allı Turnam, dated back at January 18th, 2018.

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