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Music Festivals

28 September 2019

Just think about you are going to an unlimited music festival that you find the opportunity to get to know colorful people and see fun landscapes and different cities. In addition, you can watch the live performances of the most successful soloists and bands and accompany the songs with thousands of music enthusiasts. Don’t you think it sounds great?


Let’s take a look at the most prestigious music festivals compiled by musiconline!

Tomorrowland Festival:

Tomorrowland festival

Tomorrowland, one of the biggest and most popular electronic dance festivals in the world, is a festival that you can find yourself if you say music is indispensable for you. It takes place in Brazil in April, in Belgium in July and the USA in September. The festival, which started in 2005 with the participation of only 5000 people, has exceeded 390.000 people today. It has a lively, energetic and free environment. It has a large accommodation called Dreamville, and the only requirement for participation is to pay around 236 euros per day and have unlimited fun.

Montreal International Jazz Festival:

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Spread over every centare of the city of Montreal, this festival hosts about 1000 concerts and 3000 artist each year. During the festival, vehicles stop in downtown Montreal and continue to be used only for pedestrians. The festival, which uses the most advanced technologies due to the importance of sound quality, is held the end of June each year. Activities that appeal to everyone, from children to the elderly, prove to all participants that jazz is truly timeless.

Roskilde Festival:

Roskilde Festival

Roskilde is one of the most popular music festivals in Scandinavia where 100.000 people dance and dance every year since 1971. One of the prominent details of the festival, which takes place with the participation of big names such as RHCP and PJ Harver, is the Naked Running Competition. It may seem that it needs a bit of courage, but the first person has a free ticket award for the next year’s festival. It is worth to try!

Sziget Festival:

Sziget Festival

If you want to rediscover your freedom by camping and dancing at a music festival, we recommend adding the Sziget Festival to your list. The festival, which is held on the Óbudai sziget in the middle of the Danube, takes place in August every year and lasts about 7 days. At the festival, which costs 59 euros per day, creative participations are given the opportunity to create art projects with their own ideas as well.

Exit Festival:

Exit Festival

Exit Festival, which has hosted many artists from around the world since 2000, takes place in Novi Sad in northern Serbia. It starts in the second Thursday of July and lasts for 4 days. One of the most attractive aspects of this festival, which received ‘The Best Festival in Europe’ award, is that the votes of the participants determine the musicians. The only requirement for participation is to pay 59 euros once. If you want to enjoy music for 4 days at the Medieval Castle of Petrovaradin, book your tickets now!

Glastonbury Festival:

Glastonbury Festival

What about a colorful, lively and fun music festival inspired by the hippies of the 1960s, which revives the spirit they created? We don’t exaggerate to say the biggest outdoors music festival for Glastonbury. In the last week of June, the festival offers tremendous entertainment for 3 days without slowing down the pace. The festival includes electronic, rock, folk, reggae and traditional music from all over the world. Also, there are some other activities besides music that you can join.

Istanbul Music Festival:

Istanbul Music Festival

Istanbul Music Festival, which has been giving an extraordinary experience to its participants for 47 years with different genres of music, is in our category. The festival will host many successful artists from both domestic and international stages such as Yuja Wang, Daniel Müller-Schott, Yuri Bashmet, Boris Berezovsky and Fazıl Say. Book your tickets in advance to enjoy the music!

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