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Solfege Lessons

1 December 2018

Like every single system out there, music has its own alphabet and ways of working. The process of analyzing how long and how hard the special symbols on the portrait will be played is called deciphering. Solfege, is the vocalization phase after this stage.

The terms solfege and deciphering are not strangers to each other. In fact, it is fair to say solfege includes deciphering.

Solfege is a scheme, which must be learned by everyone who is interested in music. It is a must to be able to read and vocalize musical notation accurately for those who take music as profession. Regardless of the genre, solfege is a fundamental skill to be mastered for better music production.

Although solfege is widely used, it excels especially in classical western music. It must practiced to a state of perfection, especially before starting learning instruments which require fast notation reading skills. Piano is one of them, and solfege plays a critical role in learning other musical instruments as well.

It is also a must for those who want to study in fine arts or conservatory. Remember! Solfege is the alphabet. If you want to read and write properly, you must be good at it.

There is no such thing as impossible in life. However, learning solfege by oneself can be quite challenging. The mechanics and the topic itself is complicated and working with an experienced instructor would be wiser.

To get the best out of solfege training, one can consider music theory courses. Long story short, music theory describes the very essential bits of music in general. Terms like portrait, notes, articulation, keys, tone, scale, rhythm, melody, harmony are simple yet powerful examples for those blocks. Taking music theory courses can create huge impact on your musical skills.

With musiconline , you can kick off your solfege lessons anytime you want. With our personal methods and experienced instructors, you can swiftly step up your music game! With the help of modern technology and MIDI and piano software, our instructors are able to help you hit and vocalize the notes accurately.

It's the internet age. You are one click away to get better at music.

Knowledge increases as it is shared!

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